McDonald's Newnan GA

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58 Bullsboro Dr,
Newnan GA 30263 Phone Number: (770) 253-4326
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McDonald's - Newnan has 1 reviews

horrible service every time :/

I have never been one to complain but this is worse than the mcdonalds in the ghetto areas of atlanta. I dont expect to be waited on hand and foot when im paying 6 bucks for a meal but no one paid attention to my husband and i when we came in or said hang on or be right with you. No biggie. A guy comes up to the counter mad because he had been waiting for his food and they acted like they didnt know what he was talking about. food took forever. Food wasnt horrible but i didnt feel to good trying to eat and watch the roach on the floor to make sure it wasnt gonna climb up my leg. I got pictures of the 2 that i saw. one of the workers who was eating saw it too and just got away from the one that ran by her. to sum it up, every time has been horrible here and im never going back. Ill be posting this on every review site as well. corporate needs to step it up and take charge because nothing makes sales like good service and cleanliness.

-by (06, December, 2012)