IRS Office Fredericksburg VA

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IRS Office

2 Reviews
1320 Central Park Blvd.,
Fredericksburg VA 22401 Phone Number: (540) 899-9450
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IRS Office - Fredericksburg has 2 reviews


On the door it says they're open till 4:30pm. Apparently that translates in reality to 3:30pm. I was there at 3:30 and the whole office was gone.

-by (12, November, 2014)

Outstanding Customer Service

The employees in the office were very helpful and nice. I went in to get my tax transcripts for school . There were many people who were rude and agitated towards the office workers because they felt they should have been able to get In and out. Listen people, they have a job to do and it would make it easier on everyone if you just shut your mouth and wait your turn. When the gentleman called my name, he had already dealt with many rude people however he was very patient and kind with me. I just want to say thank you to everyone who works for the IRS and I applaud you. I was in customer service for 22 years and understand fully. Keep smiling and don't let those rude people change you or ruin your day!

-by (15, April, 2013)