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43330 Junction Plaza,
Ashburn VA 20147 Phone Number: (703) 858-7737
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Verizon - Ashburn has 1 reviews

Service Complaint

Since Oct/1/12,I called in five times concerning an Autopmt Update for my new Visa. I've been waiting for 4 mos until Feb4,13,the autopmt got in but the incorrect way. It charged me only $2.88 out of $110.88 of the amt due. During the 4month period,I've been calling and transferred to many reps in financial &customer service Depts and the last one (a man) on Feb7 hung up on me.I called back again and the rep told me that she would leave mgmt a message from me. I kept telling that I want to obtain the customer service supervisor number and the email address for complaining, but nobody can fulfill that request. Verizon needs to really improve the way its serve customers so that nobodyelse has to suffer bad service like me. Verizon also neads to officially print contact info for complaining on its website and billing statements. I hope that this comment will be taken seriously to improve the company customer service. Thank you.

-by (08, February, 2013)