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Review for: Walgreens in San Antonio, TX


staff is friendly and helpful. Store is neat and clean. Pharmacy is very busy but the staff is smiling and helpful.

-by (09, August, 2015)

Review for: Walgreens in Houston, TX

pharmacy department is horrible

Turned in my prescription on Monday evening, was told it would be ready within an hour but did not go back unail the next evening. Not only was I in drive thru lane for over an hour but when I get to window the prescription is just being filled and tech is just then verifying my insurance even though I've been there before. Next time I'm definitely driving further to Walmart, Kroger or Target!!!!

-by (21, January, 2015)

Review for: Walgreens in Lincoln, NE

Excellent Service Always

This Walgreens, as well as other locations, has Excellent Service and Wonderfully Kind and Caring people working in thier Pharmacies. They help you with Anything and Everything you need!!

-by (12, November, 2014)

Review for: Walgreens in Hartland, WI

Best Walgreens around

The employees are super helpful and friendly and work very hard. They deal well with rude customers.

-by (02, October, 2014)

Review for: Walgreens in Denver, CO

awesome folks

These people are the best ...Always helpful friendly and kind

-by (12, September, 2014)

Review for: Walgreens in Kingsport, TN

Wonderful staff

Great staff, very friendly always Make you feel welcome and the customer is the number one priority. I just recently switched to this location when a young lady came to my hospital room to ask if I wish to fill with them and they'd bring it back to my room! I never knew there was a walgreens inside the hospital. After that I started filling all my prescriptions with them. Incredible service they offer to patients in the hospital for surgery, illness, etc.

-by (27, August, 2014)

Review for: Walgreens in Midland, MI


called 4 time this afternoon, to talk to a pharmacist, was on hold for more than 3.5 hours. Recording said I was next caller. Never happened! The longest I held, (just out of stubbornness) was 1 hour. This is absolutely ridiculous. Could not find another phone number to call in on!!!!!

-by (23, August, 2014)

Review for: Walgreens in Cary, NC

Outstanding Pharmacy Staff

We highly recommend this store especially the pharmacy. After a year of various health issues within our family, we have been so relieved to find a pharmacy staff that is courteous, efficient and goes the extra mile when doctor prescription communication goes awry. Many thanks for your expertise & caring!

-by (12, August, 2014)

Review for: Walgreens in Fitchburg, MA

Outdated phone number

Your phone number, both on prescription labels and the Internet, is out of date and needs to be updated!

-by (10, August, 2014)

Review for: Walgreens in Millsboro, DE


I called Walgreens today to the pharmacy to asked if my prescription was current enough to refill it. I waited 15 mins. and was told that no one could take my call as everyone was busy, I hung up and will now take my prescriptions to the new Rite-Aid down the road.

-by (29, May, 2014)

Review for: Walgreens in Pueblo, CO

Pharmacy service

I have been doing business with this location for over a year now. In the past few months the customer service has slowly gotten worse. I travel a lot and need to call in refills of medication. I have been put on hold for up to 15 min then disconnected. On the return call I was put on hold and after 15 minutes, I finally hung up. I will find a new pharmacy when I get back to town!

-by (07, January, 2014)

Review for: Walgreens in Houston, TX

Walgreen's Memorial Hermann Tower Ste 100

They are the friendliest and most helpful people; I love everybody there.

-by (05, December, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Louisville, KY


the service and merchandise at the branch is first class - five stars.

-by (13, November, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Guilderland, NY

Not Good

They should be ashamed the way they treat and talk to their employees, I will no longer shop there after watching how rude they are.

-by (09, October, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Bemidji, MN


You are understaffed and need to put on more help. It is frustrating to wait in line with only one staffperson helping custumers.

-by (01, October, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Madison, WI


never have I ever hated being somewhere. the minute you walk in you feel like the life is sucked out of you. the way the employees just yell across the sales floor is rude and not professional. I've seen employees get yelled at harshly and it looks like there being belittled by management.

-by (01, October, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in San Antonio, TX

The best walgreens

Isthis Walgreens is not the closest to me, but it is the best. Staff is great, friendly, professional.

-by (27, September, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Pittsburgh, PA

love it

I love shopping here. Its a good size in a great location. I like the photo quality, makeup brushes and essentials. Their prices are competitive. Employees are friendly, I will continue to shop here

-by (03, September, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Billings, MT

First Impression At Walgreens

The reason I shop Walgreens is because of its convenient location to my home. I am always disappointed by the very dirty entry, wishing somebody with a scrub brush and mop had the time to clean. Dirty floors and windows are not very appealing. We occasionally buy milk there and find old, crusted milk residue on the shelves and at times it doesn't smell very fresh in the cooler. A little time looking at what your customer sees when entering your store may be to your advantage. Your best marketing plan may be a little more attention to cleanliness.

-by (13, August, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in San Antonio, TX

Reviewe of Performasnce

The purpose of this revuew is to highlight the superior performance by two employese, Liz and Emily. They have continually provided me with assistance in selecting a product. They have done so willingly and in a most professional manner. They should be commended for their performance!

-by (30, July, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Lusby, MD


I like coming here because I can find what I need quickly and at a great price. The hours and location are convenient. Products are high quality. Staff is friendly, but somewhat slow. Overall, this is a great store/pharmacy and I would recommend it to others.

-by (29, July, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Covington, GA

About Time

A pharmacy without judgement. The one that Covington has been waiting for!

-by (28, July, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Emmett, ID

pharmacy dept.

The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and fast.the seem to know everyone by name, even the dogs in drive thru!.they give customer service a whole.new meaning.

-by (16, June, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in East Hartford, CT


worst customer service ive ever seen. dont go there unless you have 20min. to spend in line!!!!

-by (07, June, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Eau Claire, WI

Customer Service

I have always enjoyed shopping at Walgreen's, until this afternoon. The cashier took a hand at being a financial advisor when my credit card was declined. Embarrassed, I paid with another method and quickly left. Still love Walgreen's, just let down over the uncomfortable comments the cashier made about my financial status.

-by (30, May, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Littleton, CO

Front cashier

I was in the store on weds 5/15/13 around 1030 am. And not only was she efficient but so very friendly.

Thank you for the great service.

-by (19, May, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Taylorsville, UT


I've used this pharmacy with great customer satisfaction up until the last year. The pharmacy reps hang up on me every time I call, I spent 6 hours calling in and getting hung up on. The Rx's are NEVER filled on time, this is a HUGE problem as I'm blind and I rely on public transportation . The staff was extremely rude to me the last few times and made cruel jokes within earshot at my expense. I've never been so dissatisfied with what I once considered a reputable company. Maybe a little bit of sensitivity training would do you some good Walgreens !!

-by (17, May, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Little Falls, NJ

Potential violation of healthcare privacy

Walgreens is potentially misleading customers that their medical records are required when controlled medications are prescribed. This is their corporate policy -- not the law. You have the right to file a complaint with the state board of pharmacy. Protect your privacy.

-by (14, May, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Elkhorn, WI

Good place

I like this walgreens, the staff is friendly and help me whenever I go there as soon as I ask.

-by (05, May, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in St Petersburg, FL

Poor Customer Service!

My husband purchased the wrong item, so when he got home with the product & I noticed it was the wrong item I went to take it back and get a refund. We live just 3blocks away, and paid cash so i felt as though it would be an easy return, yeah right! After disputing with the employee, I left and went home upon dwelling on it i got home and decided to call the manager who was also non compliant and rude. Horrible!

-by (26, April, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Monroe, CT


My doc called in the medication. I called to confirm, they said it would be ready in 15 min. My husdand went to pick it up and they never heard of mdoctor or me. My husband ASKED THEM TO CHECK AND RECHECK, NOONE COULD FIND ME IN SYSTEM OR MY DOCTOR'S CALL. He came home and asked if I may have called a different walgreens. I called again, they checked some bin and said," Oh, here it is!" They are rude to all of the clients. You could stand there for 20 min without being taken care of. This is medication and life and death, they really should take care of people a little better. If they "GOOF" up something so easy as a call for a med imagine what they are doing to your Meds! This was on Wed, March 27, 2013 @ 5pm. You should fie all of them! Just bad all around!

-by (28, March, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Smyrna, TN


I just wanted to let everyone know how upset and mad I am at the pharmacy. I had to take my friend to the doctor because she messed up her back real bad. The doctor gave her 3 prescriptions and 1 was a narcotic. Well since my friend can not sit up in a seat she had the passenger seat laid back. She was wearing a hoodie with the hood up and sunglasses on bc it was cold and sunny. Well as I was leaving the drive-thru an officer got behind me and pulled me over. He said the reason he pulled me over was bc the lady at the window believed we were intoxicated!! After doing a number of tests for the officer on the side of Sam Ridley during rush hour traffic he of course let me go and didnt understand why she would have called. That was really embarrassing!!! I am beyond mad! and Im going to have a talk with management

-by (14, March, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Jacksonville, FL

Happy Customer

I've been using this Walgreens ever since it has opened,yes it has gotten busier but its still my favorite Walgreens!! They know me and my family what we need every month and always has it in stock.. Thank You to my Walgreens Pharmacy

-by (11, March, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Wilmington, NC


This is the only Walgreens in the world who has the best service everything there EVERYTHING! Don't go to any other Walgreen, just this one it is SO GREAT amazing employes!!!!!!

-by (20, February, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Youngsville, LA

Excellent pharmacy service+++

The pharamacy staff at this Walgreens location is by far the most helpful and friendly of all the other local Walgreens Pharmacies in Lafayette, LA. The staff is never rude or judgmental nor do they ever act like they are annoyed or put out by any questions I may have. I find some of the 24 hour Walgreens have very rude and inconsiderate people working in their pharmacy departments. I would like to commend the Walgreens on Hwy 92/ Milton Ave on a job well done. Thanks for your hard work, Cara

-by (15, February, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Gulfport, FL

Local Walgreens great pit stop

Love Walgreens. It has the best sales and an awesome reward card. Staff is helpful. I save lots of money with their Sunday flyers along with matching coupons in the Sunday paper.

-by (20, January, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Palm Coast, FL

Best pharmacy in town

It may be a busy store, but I think that is because it really is the best. The pharmacist there is really knowledgable and all the staff are great. I get all my prescriptions OTC meds and vaccines there.

-by (17, January, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Northport, AL


I love using Walgreens. This is the first one I've had a problem with. But they are continually rude to me and never have my medicine ready. I live an hour away so it's hard to stay for an extra hour to get my medicine, and then have to put up with their rudeness. I do not recommend using them. I don't have an option. This has been going on 3 months.

-by (16, January, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Hermitage, TN


I have had off and on problems here, they say they don't get prescriptions when my doctor assures me they called it in. Staff have been rude on several occasions.

-by (11, January, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Miami, FL

Extremely long wait and line: go somewhere else

Extremely long wait no matter the time. If you are up at 1:00am you might have a better chance. No matter the time it's horrible. It's a slow wait in line and long time to dispense. Please post more remarks: maybe something will be done.

-by (08, January, 2013)

Review for: Walgreens in Thornton, CO


I was on my way back to Kansas and needed batteries. A store worker was very friendly and helpful to show me where they were and issued me a balance rewards card for a discounted price. Nice store and people working there. Thanks!

-by (24, December, 2012)