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Review for: LensCrafters in Reynoldsburg, OH


They were very rude and very late on the drs appt. The appointment was for 9:30 finally got in at 10:30. Frame prices are ridiculous. You can go next door and get the same frame for 1/2 the cost. Only reason we went there is because its the only place our insurance is. I still had to pay a ridiculous amount for the glasses.

-by (21, January, 2015)

Review for: LensCrafters in Carmel, IN

good service, good optician

very satisfied with this company, highly recommend if you are shopping for an eye care provider

-by (24, December, 2014)

Review for: LensCrafters in New York, NY

Great place

I love this location they are very friendly and very helpful through the time you walk in till you leave!!!!

-by (02, June, 2014)

Review for: LensCrafters in River Forest, IL

not open as advertised

the lake street store advertises its sunday hours as 11 to 5. It is now 11:30, and there is no answer on their phone. this location is a waste of time.

-by (23, February, 2014)

Review for: LensCrafters in Caguas, PR

Poor customer service

I went to find out the status of my glasses, they keep me waiting approximately fifteen minutes . When I pickup my glasses, the sale Rep.wasn't to friendly. Next time Willy go to Plaza Las America. In San juan

-by (20, September, 2013)

Review for: LensCrafters in Phoenix, AZ


I am actually writing this as I am sitting here. I had no appointment so I was told to come in at 9am and they would fit me in. I was here BEFORE 9am. They opened the doors and I was the 2nd in line to get paperwork. There were several people without appointments as well. Although I was the FIRST person to hand in my paperwork and was told it would only be an hour .... Every other walk in was taken before me and, as I write this, it is 11am and I am still sitting here while everyone who came after me has come and gone. The only reason I have not left yet is because i have already waited this long! Stay away from this unprofessional location!

-by (03, August, 2013)

Review for: LensCrafters in Reynoldsburg, OH


LensCrafters was very busy when I walked through the door. A lady ensured me that as soon as someone was available that someone would be with me. I was browsing for a pair of glasses and several other people had come in. The next associates helped 3 other customers before coming to help me. 30 minutes after arriving I was finally helped. I gave the associate my prescription and she showed me some other glasses I was looking for and left me to finish looking, but began helping another customer. I sat down for 10 minutes until she came over to me to tell me that she was off at 3:00 and since it was 3:05 another associate would help me as soon as she was finished with the customer. After 20 minutes I still had not been helped. I was in there for over an hour and I left without getting a pair of glasses. I could not believe what poor customer service I received.

-by (02, March, 2013)

Review for: LensCrafters in Lincoln, NE


I am actually writing a review about the LensCrafters at the Gateway mall but could not find a way to leave a comment about that location. I have been going to LensCrafters for 15 years. All of my family wears glasses and we go there for all of our needs. The last three times I have went in, I have had to wait way too long for assistance. The employees are awesome, professional and friendly, but there are only two....with many customers waiting. One time I waited 40 minutes to get the nose piece put back on my glasses. This took them 2 minutes. I saw several people leave that had waited too long. This was good for me because I moved up in the line. We went to get my daughter glasses and waited 45 minutes for help. I will not continue to go to LensCrafters if I have to wait that long for service. 10-15 minutes is reasonable. I think you will begin to loose customers if you don't provide more help to the customers. What you gain by paying less to employees you will more than loose in customers. I will begin to shop for other eyeglass providers at this time. My time is more valuable than to sit at LensCrafters for 40 minutes to be helped.

-by (06, January, 2013)

Review for: LensCrafters in Fairview Heights, IL

Great Service

Was very pleased with the wonderful service my husband and I received at this store. Susie, the opticion was very helpful and repaired a broken pair of glasses and adjusted several other pairs for us. A 5 star review from us.

-by (22, December, 2012)

Review for: LensCrafters in Northridge, CA

the best in the west!!!

Lenscrafter's has the best customer service I have ever experienced, From Dr. Victoria Vorros, to the lab workers, Hernando Zamora, and Adam Nguyen. They fitted me with a very attractive eyewear, and treated me like royalty!! I left the store looking good and well pleased!! Thank You Lenscrafters for giving me a wonderful experience, and have a blessed holiday!!

-by (15, December, 2012)