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Review for: HSBC in West Vancouver, BC

Hours and service

HSBC does not have convenient hours as its competitors and does not seem to want to put on their web site their hours.

-by (27, September, 2015)

Review for: HSBC in Oshawa, ON

Impossible to Reach

Though I have a significant deposit at this branch I still have no way to contact them. Email is out. Phoning reaches an international location that refuses to give out local branch numbers. One can wait a half hour to find that out. This is not acceptable.

-by (26, August, 2015)

Review for: HSBC in Vancouver, BC


I always find the staff at this branch very helpful. They are polite when asked for information.

-by (03, March, 2015)

Review for: HSBC in Kamloops, BC


phone # is call center even though it is local # , was not able to get me in touchwith branch rep

-by (17, January, 2015)

Review for: HSBC in Oakville, ON

Very poor information

Can the hours they are open not be displayed???? (Or is it a secret?)

-by (26, July, 2014)

Review for: HSBC in Nanaimo, BC


Could not find hours on the web. Only said hours may fluctate. Which is not very informative

-by (12, July, 2014)

Review for: HSBC in Mississauga, ON

Customer service

The worst...just tried to find out if you have commercial banking. Also I wanted to know if you have an investment planner. I just spent 20 mins to find out I have to leave a voice mail...also the # for the hwy 10 branch takes you to phone banking...BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

-by (20, June, 2014)

Review for: HSBC in Mississauga, ON

Hours on Saturday

Store hours are not given on bank's internet site. No one picks phone to answer call. What a great customer service ?

-by (26, April, 2014)

Review for: HSBC in Brampton, ON

Terrible premiership service

Unable to contact, never return calls or emails, and I am virtually in the dark over my accounts. I will be closing all accounts at this branch. Shame on this relationship manager and this branch!

-by (19, March, 2014)

Review for: HSBC in Maple Ridge, BC


The ATM is terrible at this place. The deposit envelopes regularly run out on weekends. This weekend the button for the deposit did not work at all... so it was impossible to make a deposit. Of course this weekend there were lots of envelopes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a Micky-Mouse place.

-by (16, October, 2013)

Review for: HSBC in Bronx, NY


This has to be the worst bank i have been to. Only 2 Tellers Jose and Karina and both were rude. One regular line and 1 commercial transaction line and senior citizens skip to cash their S.S. checks. It is sad when Senior Citizens are breaking rules because their is no accountability. One the unsafest banks since there is no security and senior citizens as well as everybody skips with no consequence.

-by (03, September, 2013)

Review for: HSBC in Brampton, ON

Hsbc Quarrt Edge

Nice, clean, and comfortable. The employees are nice, understanding and polite. Might need to hire more people though because every time I go there, there's a lineup. And the line moved slowly.

-by (09, August, 2013)

Review for: HSBC in Coquitlam, BC


Posting your hours, like other banks do would be a nice little touch to service levels.

-by (11, July, 2013)

Review for: HSBC in Falkirk,


I cannot believe that you do not have a number to talk to a branch if you do not have a sort code, account number and date of birth. what if you just wanted information re opening an account or just wanted to talk to someone. Surely there is a number for your Falkirk Branch where someone actually answers the phone.

-by (08, May, 2013)

Review for: HSBC in Beckenham,

bad service

The customer service in this branch is abysmal. Staff are unprofessional, carry on personal conversations while you are waiting and use inappropriate terms. Waiting times are long, if you are dealing with anything more than a deposit. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

-by (02, May, 2013)

Review for: HSBC in Brooklyn, NY

Very poor counter service

Long lines.... usually only 2 staff on duty... maybe one for commercial customers... but overall very slow..... bring lots of patience.

-by (29, April, 2013)

Review for: HSBC in Edmonton, AB

Wasted time

Very helpful to not show hours nothing like driving out on a Saturday and its closed... OK... I will at least make an ATM deposit since I can't go inside to my safety deposit box... NO... The ATM depository doesn't work ... Nice!

-by (20, April, 2013)

Review for: HSBC in New York, NY


I had a very bad enperance at 101 w 14 branch. A woman walked off the street when in bank said she was my dauthter. she know my name there was worker there pulled up my information gave her history of my info. After giving ot info the worker then called me. When she heard how up set I was she hung the phone up on me. Every time I call to talk to the manager she answers the phone and saids he is out. I now gathering info for a law suite . some of the people do not need to have a job woeking with personal info. BE Very Careful.

-by (05, April, 2013)

Review for: HSBC in Mississauga, ON

worst retail bank in canada

They don't seem to even care and catch up with the competition such as RBC and TD.

I can't even get branch hours from their website and when you do call the local number it takes anyway to the general 1800 space. Just terrible disconnected from the market service.

-by (02, March, 2013)