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Review for: Fifth Third Bank in Oakwood, OH

Stay away

manager has racial issues. Still stuck in the 1800's. Go to chase, u'll be a lot happier. Doesn't even rate one star. Last time I looked all money was green.........

-by (26, March, 2015)

Review for: Fifth Third Bank in Harrisburg, NC

customer service BAD

Is this bank in Harrisburg still open ? On line say's open till 6:00 PM So I go bye there a little after 5 and they are closed and the ATM will not take a cash transaction. I try ed to call them at least 10 times today but never did get in touch with anyone. This bank has the worst customer I have ever seen and Glen is the most uninformed person I have ever seen I bet he can't even spell customer service.

-by (22, August, 2014)

Review for: Fifth Third Bank in Concord, OH

Wrong hours... Thanks

The Bank I have never had an issue with, however unfortunately I relied on this page for information and the hours listed are not in fact correct. I am currently standing outside of a closed, locked bank on Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 @ 5:08 pm

-by (09, July, 2014)

Review for: Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati, OH


Had to exchange US dollars for euros for kids school trip to Europe. They offer the service but had no idea what or how to do it. Over charged us by 65 dollars

-by (07, June, 2014)

Review for: Fifth Third Bank in Clermont, FL


Look on here to see hours for Sat. States open tell 1:00 pm on Sat. Drove into town to fine out they close at 12:00pm. Was there at 12:09pm and very upset. Need to keep web site up to date if you are going to post

-by (05, April, 2014)

Review for: Fifth Third Bank in Berwyn, IL


I am business customer for this Location so i come everyday i ring bell they ignore bell for 5 to 10 min always say they are busy helping others they make u wait atleast 15 min before they show their face in drivethru.Do not bank at this branch they ignored you for 20 to 25 min in drive thru.

-by (04, December, 2013)

Review for: Fifth Third Bank in Columbus, OH

Excellent service

This branch operates out of the Kroger shopping center. They have long extended hours during the week, and are even open on Sunday. All of the staff I have dealt with have been very courteous and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend 5th / 3rd just based on the service I have received here.

-by (07, August, 2013)

Review for: Fifth Third Bank in Toledo, OH

Car loan payment issue

When I cked my online bank statement I saw that not only did you cash my May payment but you cashed my March payment at the same time!. This is ridiculous that I have to worry that you randomly decide to wait several months so I can never be prepared.This is not the first time either.At the Lambertville branch my Nov. 2012 payment didn't get cashed until Feb. 2013. How can you cash cks properly the following days after I submit them but then in explicitly hold some to cash months later!? Bad service.

-by (30, May, 2013)

Review for: Fifth Third Bank in Lancaster, OH

Loans not recommended

Nice people, but very convoluted loan processing, misinformation cost us hours of scrambling, and unnecessary paperwork that no other bank required. We dropped the process after the 5th day of getting nowhere.

-by (28, May, 2013)

Review for: Fifth Third Bank in Glendale, OH

Great Service

They remember everyone that comes in like they are part of the Fifth Third family. Great service!

-by (23, May, 2013)

Review for: Fifth Third Bank in Barrington, IL

mortgage promises

was in the bank on 5/16 spoke with asst mortgage lender and was told I would be contacted that eve or next day and surprise not one phone call how does this happen to customers .

-by (20, May, 2013)

Review for: Fifth Third Bank in Woodridge, IL

drive thru

very difficult to find drive thru hours plus some are only same as store hours which is 9 am opening most people like to deposit or what evever before work most people start well before nine

-by (08, April, 2013)

Review for: Fifth Third Bank in Pickerington, OH

Customer Service

I have been a customer with this bank for many years. Their service has always been good. The Diley Road location has 2 service reps in particular, Justin and Molly, who have provided outstanding customer care. Their efficiency is dependable and excellent. The entire staff at this location is exceptional. My thanks to all of you!

-by (31, December, 2012)

Review for: Fifth Third Bank in Evergreen Park, IL

Fifth Third Evergreen Gives Terrible Service!

I have received the worst service ever from Fifth Third Bank in Evergreen Park. Just recently I went to my safe deposit box and something is wrong with the box. My key doesn't work, nor does the bank's key work. No problem - someone will call me in a couple of days to schedule a locksmith to drill the lock open. That doesn't happen either. A whole week later no one has called me, returned my calls. I was put on hold 20 minutes this morning no one ever came to the phone. And I still can't get in to my safe deposit box. I have some really important papers to retrieve, but does Fifth Third care. Apparently Not! I am so angry!

-by (05, December, 2012)

Review for: Fifth Third Bank in Murfreesboro, TN

Worst bank!!!

This bank is a joke! Some of the people there don't do anything you ask and know very little it appears. Lost almost 200 dollars from ATM withdrawal that showed up on my account I didn't make. Bank doesnt appear to be very secure and they didnt get my money back. Then fees, lots of fees. I had to make a least 1 trip per month with a problem I was having. Very stressful!!!! Stay away!!!!

-by (27, November, 2012)