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Review for: Dental Works in Greenville, SC


Beware all military members, they filed the insurance wrong 3 times and we are still in dispute with them for services rendered. Now we have moved and they have sent our so called bill to a collection agency, I have tried to be nice however they are messing up our credit for a bill we do not even owe.

-by (07, October, 2014)

Review for: Dental Works in Kannapolis, NC

Very impressed!

After reading so many poor reviews, I deceided to give these folks a fair try and decide for myself! I was very impressed by their proffessionalism and knowledge. I Couldn't be any happier with my care, and services they provided. Their treatment plan for me was very conservative and fair! 5 stars in my opinion!!

-by (08, November, 2013)

Review for: Dental Works in Burlington, NC

They will mess up your billing. Go someplace else!

Beware! They have a problem with billing properly sometimes. They took a whole year to process my claim, after they told me I did not have to pay anything when I was there the day of service. A year after they send me a bill! Well, Someone dropped the ball in this burlington office, and does not want to admit it. Now, for past two months I have been working to clear up a simple charge they did not process on time, properly. Now it is a year and three months. Go someplace else if you do not want a headache with your billing in the end! Your choice.

-by (15, April, 2013)

Review for: Dental Works in Novi, MI

Emergency Extraction

I had been in a lot of pain. I called Dental Works at 9:10 am and they had me come in right away at 10:45 same day. After My xrays and intial exam they told me the one tooth that the. filling had broken off exposing a nasty cavity they told me they could remove it . I will tell you I was very nervous about having it removed because of it already was broken but Dr. Rice was able to remove all of it. This was not a simple extraction. I thought that the recovery after this was going to be unbearable but I am only experiencing a very slight discomfort. Thanks to the great staff and Dr. Rice I will be using their services for future dental work.

-by (07, March, 2013)

Review for: Dental Works in Lexington, NC

Unhappy frontdesk

The two ladies at the front are older and must not like working. Never friendly just fake. Both rude with there comments and rolling eyes. The staff needs to be replaced even doctor. Horrible experience

-by (06, January, 2013)