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Review for: Curves in North Vancouver, BC

pushy staff

pushy staff at the lynn valley club. I have been to many and this one really annoyed me

-by (01, May, 2015)

Review for: Curves in Calgary, AB

love it1

Very warm and friendly, accepting atmosphere to work out.

-by (09, August, 2014)

Review for: Curves in San Diego, CA

Fun workout

Good workout and friendly owners make you feel very comfortable.

-by (25, June, 2014)

Review for: Curves in Yucaipa, CA

Love the Place

Love the Jillian workout!! Great coaching by staff.

-by (01, June, 2014)

Review for: Curves in Logan, UT

It works!

I have been over weight most of my adult life. I have tried diets and exercise tapes but nothing worked. I started curves and was so amazed at how I felt and how the weight started dropping off. Love Curves!

-by (02, April, 2014)

Review for: Curves in Milwaukee, WI

The Best place!

Excellent Club! Great owner and very clean! Would definately recommend!

-by (06, January, 2014)

Review for: Curves in Roseville, CA

Best Work Out Ever

This is a superb place to work out. The owner gives her all to help her customers get the most of their work out. She even has new equipment coming in Jan 2014 and included a Jillian workout between stations. It kicked my butt!

-by (04, January, 2014)

Review for: Curves in Calabash, NC

Coaches do not care about members

I fell in May 2013 and broke my tailbone and damaged muscles/ligaments. I have not been able to exercise. I have not heard from anyone at this Curves location. The owner/coaches are not supportive at all. I have paid my membership and have not been able to exercise. Money is all that matters. I would not recommend Curves to anyone. Go to a gym and get the support you deserve!

-by (02, January, 2014)

Review for: Curves in San Antonio, TX


When I came to Curves DeZavala last year, I could barely walk up the stairs. I had knee surgery and needed to exercise. Not only am I able to walk, I dance and have lost inches, pounds and met lots of new friends. Great place, great people.

-by (24, November, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Cleveland, TN


Curves and their employees treat you like they are your personal trainers and support members 100% excellent results, clean and bright environment and good location.

-by (19, October, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Katy, TX


Never open on time:-( I want to work out first thing in the morning and usually have to wait for owner to show up...always late

-by (10, October, 2013)

Review for: Curves in East McKeesport, PA

love curves

I just love curves....especially this one. the instructors are friendly, helpful and encouraging. I'm so glad I am a part of them

-by (06, October, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Glen Allen, VA

Nothing accomplished

I don't feel that i accomplished anything there. The night manager's appearance and lack of real interest in paying customer's is not there! Waste of my money!

-by (26, September, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Carleton, MI

Ignorance is Bliss

Would you honestly believe every review you read about the Curves in Carleton? Well let me tell you its the complete opposite of what people say. We are hard core dedicated women who take our fitness serious with amazing results. Those of us who enjoy our social hour with maybe a day of rest are entitled without critcism. So ladies don't believe everything you read. Pat the owner is in great shape plus an awesome instructor.

-by (24, September, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Chicago, IL

I Love Curves

Curves is a great place.. Just 30minutes thread times a week. They have a great meal plan.. I have lost 25lbs in three months..I love this place.!!!

-by (21, July, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Corona, CA

Horrible Experiance

I've been a Curves member for years, and I was visiting from out of town when I stopped at the Corona Curves to do my workout. The staff didn't even say anything to me when I walked in. There were other women working out on the circuit, which I may add doing machines improperly. Finally the "owner" came out and said " Oh can I help you? " mind you, after I was there for 15 min. I said " No " and I just left. I would never recommend this place.

-by (11, July, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Chippewa Falls, WI

Great workout w/friendly ladies & staff

This well maintained Curves is a great place to workout. Staff is helpful correcting on the circuit and celebrate when you do a good job. Curves Complete weight loss program is the best - getting diet, exercise and one on one coaching - all at this great facility.

-by (09, July, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Zephyrhills, FL

New Owner

I'm the new owner and am excited to be helping a great group of women with their health and fitness!

-by (09, July, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Los Angeles, CA


Recently joined the Curves on Pico near Beverwill. A nice lady name Judy owns it.

What a great place. They have all the latest Curves machines and play the music you ask for. (I always ask for Michael Jackson, 'cause it inspires me to move well).

It's kept sparkling clean and has a very modern bathroom. Also...it's expanding to at least twice it's size soon. And it's a great place to work it out in.

-by (22, June, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Norco, CA

Great experience!

I go five times a week. I enjoy the social part while I make my circuit on the machines. The flexibility I am able to maintain is fantastic. The owner and employees are very helpful and give plenty of support. The environment is very clean and maintained. Great place.

-by (17, April, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Kingsburg, CA

Curves K cares

Kingburg curves makes customers/clients feel relaxed. Facility is always clean and staff are attentive and cordial. I am on Curves complete and my coach Karen always gives me positive feedback at our weekly counciling session. She helps me set realistic goals. All the coaches care about there clients. I have lost 20 lbs and I feel so much better. I am on my way to reaching my goal weight. A lot of hard work on curcuit and meeting my step goal each week. I never thought I could walk 10,000 steps daily but they made me a believer. Thanks Kingsbur Curves.

-by (05, April, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Panama City Beach, FL


I just love the curves in Panama City Beach the staff is great, the encouragement I get there is the best. I have met a lot of different! couldn't ask for anything more.

-by (04, April, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Paramount, CA

Curves Paramount

The ambiance and cheerful greetings from the staff have me so excited about my workouts weekly at Curves Paramount.

It's great to wake up in the morning and go for my workout. I sleep better, feel better and my overall health has improved according to my doctor. Even better, my insurance wellness program pays for the program.

-by (03, April, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Greenville, SC

Very friendly and supportive!

I highly recommend this location. The staff members are so kind and supportive. The want to know "you" on a personal level. They promote caring and support for each other. You get the feeling of family there. The hours are later that any other just for our convenience! Who does that anymore? Come try them out. You will NOT be disappointed!!!

-by (30, March, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Las Vegas, NV

Fun & thorough workout!

I've been a member at this location for over 3 years. It's well taken care of, the members are friendly and the staff is great! The workout circuit includes cardio, strength training and stretching in just 30 minutes. There's somewhere around 15 machines that work your whole body and the stretching circuit feels amazing! You really get out of it what you put into it though. If you're not watching what you eat then you won't lose weight, period. This will give you strength and stamina though! Give it a shot, you'll love it.

-by (17, March, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Port Orange, FL


Great group of attendees gets me started with good attitude for the day. Helpers couldn't be more considerate. I may never stop this program.

-by (13, February, 2013)

Review for: Curves in South Bend, IN

The Best

I love this Curves. The owner, Deb, is great. Makes you feel like part of a family. OR a coffee clutch with no coffee or donuts, but lots of good times.

-by (08, February, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Wahiawa, HI

love the circuit hate the meal plan

gina makes all the difference on the curcuit its fun its fast but foodplan is over a $100 a week and the supplements added to my own dr prescribed supplements made me very sick.

-by (05, February, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Lakeside, CA


I love Curves in my first week I feel better then I have in years and I have lost 3lbs

-by (30, January, 2013)

Review for: Curves in Wallingford, CT

Great Owners,Great CURVES!!!

I completely agree with the other review I saw here from the fellow named Josh. I have never met Josh's wife but I have been going to Wallingford "Curves" for 6 years now. When it changes hands in ownership I was worried ,BUT WOW!!!!- GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!!!! Anne Marie is so helpful and her son Brad is the nicest man!! Thank you to both of you for shaping my work out place up!! I am so happy with the new Wallingford CURVES!!!

-by (30, December, 2012)