Kroger Hot Springs AR

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1 Review
215 Airport Rd,
Hot Springs AR 71913 Phone Number: (501) 623-3340
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Pharmacy Phone Number: (501) 623-2650

Kroger - Hot Springs has 1 reviews

Kroger's Pharmacy

They have the most hateful boy/tech that works in this department, he never smiles and looks completely bored like he is doing YOU a favor. I HATE getting stuck with that kid. THen I had a "pharmacy" card that I had called about and waited 45 minutes on the phone. YES, I said 45 minutes on the phone and no one ever bothered to get back with me or say, "Hey, sorry this is taking a while"! I finally gave up. When I actually went in person the next day after 5:00 pm (yes, I have insurance and pay $420.00 because I am a teacher)....they tell me that my insurance (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) will not cover the medicine so the card is invalid and now the medicine is like $340.00! Ain't that a bitch? I hate Kroger Pharmacy and I hate Blue Cross/Blue Shield. It sucks paying for your way to only find out that it doesn't pay!!!!

-by (11, September, 2013)