Denny's Oklahoma City OK

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1 Review
315 S. Meridian Avenue,
Oklahoma City OK 73108 Phone Number: (405) 947-8548
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Denny's - Oklahoma City has 1 reviews

Horrible service

The night management is a waist of money! They won't fix an issue with your order, when they mess it up. They wont tell you their names when asked, so I could file a complaint with corporate. They refused to call the owner, and call the police saying I refused to pay for a $9 burger. When the police showed up, he demanded I was given HER name and the owners name and the the owners phone number. I was given 2 false names and a number that was out of service. I looked up the store number and the number has been busy for over 2 hours. DON'T WAIST YOUR TIME! Go less than a mile south to Ihop.

-by (27, June, 2013)