Braum's Wichita KS

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3 Reviews
2121 N Ridge Rd,
Wichita KS 67212 Phone Number: (316) 773-1550
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Braum's - Wichita has 3 reviews

Great Customer Service

I love going into this store to buy items in the grocery area. The prices are comparable to the big box stores, but you get the friendly customer service that is missed in so many stores today. I am a loyal customer because this is one place I always come out of with a smile!!

-by (04, November, 2013)


I usually go through the drive thru and the last time I went the ice cream that I got was not good, I called the store manager and told them I had walnuts mixed in with my chocolate mint icecream and the icrecream wasn't even hard it was foamy. I went inside today to get icecream , and what I saw, I could not believe. When I first walked in there was huge puddles of water right in the middle of the floor and they only had a "wet floor' caution sign up. When I got up to the counter there was icecream drippings everywhere, choocolate on the counter, the shake machines didn't look like they had been wiped down all day and it took the guy forever to make 2 chocolate shakes for the person in front of me......I would not visit this store again, the owner needs to know about this

-by (18, January, 2013)

Go to a different location

I've been eating at the Braums on 21st and Ridge for 7 years now since I went to work just down the road from them. It's always been a gamble as to if you get a good meal there. I've had wrong orders, freezer burned meat, stale buns, cold fries....the list goes on. I probably throw away 25% of my orders there and swear I'll never go back. Friday was the last straw, A rock hard bun that could of shattered a window. Totally inedible. You can't tell me the person making this burger didn't notice it. They just don't care, and it shows in their quality. Save yourself a bad experience and drive to a different location to eat. The other Braums seem to get it right.

-by (29, December, 2012)