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I went to this gas station because its so close to home and convenient. I pulled up and he was already rude, asking me what I wanted as he was walking away from the car to the pump. He walked to the passenger side door and asked for my money. As I was handing the money to him I asked for a receipt, after which he snatched my cash and told me I 'didn't ask for one' and walked away to the next customer. I followed after and asked him again for a receipt, saying he never asked if I needed one. He was very nasty to me, and him in addition to his associate made me incredibly uncomfortable. He wouldn't give me his name or write out a receipt until I had threatened to report him, after which he quickly changed his tune and hastily scribbled out a receipt for me. Only reason this place has any stars from me is because it's necessary in order to leave a comment.

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