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Phone Number:1 (888) 428-3789

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Score 1.7
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Unsatisfactory service

I ordered an entertainment center on the phone and was told as long as I come in and siged for it iby Monday it would be delivered on Saturday. When I came in on Monday, I was told it would be delivered the following Monday. The store manager would attempt to fulfill the promise and I would be called on Tuesday to confirm. I never received a phone call to confirm delivery. On line I found delivery would be on Tuesday. I called the store and they could not guarantee an after 3 delivery. So now I am not getting it delivered until Friday, almost 1 week past the first promised delivery date. Why are customers having to pay for delivery for merchandise when delivery dates are not what was agreed upon at the time of the sale? This is unsatisfactory customer service and will be the last purchase I make at Haverty's. I have been a loyal customer for years as most of my house has furniture purchase from them. What happen to being reasonable and customer satisfaction?

-by (Dec. 7, 2013)