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Phone Number:(703) 637-0563

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Terrible customer service

The Clubs are great as long as they do not charge additional fees or for services. Then it takes forever to get in touch for any correction or explanation for the charges.

-by (Aug. 10, 2015)

skyline sport and health tennis club

The club is very good and staff is also very good manager jecky is very nice with others but i have complain the owner of tennis CarolOcampio who is very discriminative with others one girl who workout with me told she pay the same as i pay and her 2 daughters play 2 days in a weak and my daughters lay tennis one a day in weak and there are also peoples who pay different my daughters play only saturday this saturday when they go 4 playing she never inform us and she saidthat today is tournament they cant play i told yesterday they can come sunday she said no sunday but any weakdays they can come today i go office and she was not there one guy was there i told him my daughter will come today he said ok but 2:38 carol owner call me and said that today you cant come its interesting everyday she has differnt views and also diffent rates with peoples.

-by (Feb. 15, 2013)