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Deceptive with poor quality product

Purchased 4 Yokohama commercial tires for light truck. Front tires wore down in less than 20,000 miles. Discount Tire claimed no warranty on commercial but that was not brought to our attention at point of purchase. At inspection of damage they said it was our fault because truck wasn't aligned. Truck has been aligned immediately after install and when we took the truck to two reliable mechanics the same day of inspection they said it did not need alignment and that is not what is causing the problem.

-by (Jun. 11, 2014)

Bad Policy Placing New Tires On Rear!!

Plano Store @ Park - Front tires worn, went to purchase and they would not do as the Customer requested and place new tires where worn tires were - on the FRONT!! Now I'm in jeopardy of having a blowout on the Front, Worn tires! They did not check any tire pressure, my indicator light was still on when I left, turned around had them check, and it was a bad tire, where, on the Front! Called the Nissan house, and they do not advocate this policy of placing new tires on the back! I won't purchase tires from Discount again!

-by (Feb. 4, 2013)

Great Manager in Arvada,CO store

I have experienced great customer service at discount tire the last 25 years. I recently had a problem after I purchased tires from the Arvada, CO store off of Ralson Rd. I only had my tires for 3 weeks and my tire blew on my way up to work. Things didn't go so well when I went to discount and they charged me for another tire. I was upset so I typed a comment to the manager Trey D Hoener. He was exceptional!! So professional. He explained that things were not done correctly and apologized many times. He fixed the problem immediately. This made me want to keep going back to his store. I wanted to let everyone know what an incredible manager you have working for you. Thanks for the great service.

-by (Oct. 18, 2012)

treated like a second class citizen

I am a disabled women and I went to Discount Tires to have 2 tires replaced. I was told by a tec that all 4 had to be replaced and I said well put the tires in my trunk when you were done. At the time all 4 of my tires were brand new- Toyo Brand.I wasnt paying attention and I payed around $ 400.00 and change..the first thing I should have notice that the tec was lying put at that time I had to much pain in my back to deal with this..I had a police report that states only 2 tires were damaged..Then Oct 2010 I had a serious back surgery and I couldnt walked that well..I went to Discount Tire about a week or so ago and explained to the tec that it is not normal that the 2 front tires were completely ball..and he said well you have to get them rotated 8 times in for the one year..I told him know that is what I was told you would try to pull on me..he then said I could pay around $300.00 and change for the front 2 tires. I tryed to explain to him that my car has not been driven that much for this to happen and the back tires are fine.. my family and I have through out the years brought tires from , Discount tires..when my brothers and my uncles buy there tires they dont seem to have any problems when they need to replace a tire or so when there is a Godfather told me as a women that this would happen..our family is big and we always trusted ...Discount tires and now the trust is gone..I just dont understand this and the way they treated me that day is as if I was not important..but the day I brought the tires I was treated so nice and I still have the tires on my other truck for almost 5 years and no problems..the commercial claims if there is a problem with your tires just bring them back..this is considers false advertising..not good..I already made arrangments to buy my tires from the dealership where I brought my 3rd vec. at least no matter what , they stand by there word..I dont think when I do tell my family and our reunion in nov. what happen ..they will take all there business else where. I wont rate your company yet or put this on facebook for my friends that total over 490 ..lets see the out come.

-by (Oct. 10, 2012)