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Phone Number:1 (800) 866-7292

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Score 1.7
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Reviews For IZOD Customer Service (7)

boys dress shirts

Little boys size 5 dress shirts are rediculously short. The sleeve length is perfect. The body will never stay tucked in. Very irritating.

-by (Aug. 12, 2015)

Pathetic Service

I bought couple of shirts from Izod Near Amrapali Circle Jaipur,when I went to return a shirt as defective pcs but the store manager was very Rude for settling down the issue, his behaviour and the services was very pathetic.

-by (May. 16, 2015)

Watch Warranty

I called spoke with 2 ladies and my issue thus far has been resolved. They are suppose to send me 2 replacements parts for my watch for free. Cool I'm Happy

-by (Apr. 16, 2015)

This Sucked

Called them in their work hours and they said call again in work hours.

-by (Nov. 7, 2014)

Lake placid ny customer service

I was in the izod store in lake placid ny yesterday 8/30/14. I had picked up 3 pair of shorts to buy - buy 1 get 2 free. I placed them on the side if the counter. Where 3 salespersons were standing. After @ 2 minutes one if the salespersons said do you want to check out. I said yes that is why I was standing there. The salesperson said go to the front if the counter. I went around to the front and as I placed the shorts on the counter I heard a woman salesperson walk away and said he ( me ) was so rude. She was & early 30 s and had her hair up. As the make salesperson started to ring up the sale I said never mind I've changed my mind and walked out. First huge 3 salespersons were standing near the counter when I walked on like they were having a coffee klatch and didn't ask if I needed any help. Second when I put the shorts in the side counter they saw me standing there while they continued to talk. Third the woman made me feel like she was of an upperclass and I should be greatful that I was allowed to shop there. I will never shop at izod again! They should have an undercover boss go in there and review how the salespeople in lake placid treat their customers.

-by (Aug. 31, 2014)


I am a new customer to stores. I signed up for your rewards program, completed my profile per your instructions and expected to receive the reward you promised for doing this. 10% or $10 as posted in your store in North Bend, WA. However no reward was forthcoming from doing this that I was able to determine on your website. I tried your offer on my cash slip to receive a coupon. Again, nothing is forthcoming. Unless I am missing something this is false advertising. Please tell me what to do to receive what you advertise.

-by (Aug. 21, 2014)

Misleading 30% Off Coupon

The 30% off discount coupons sent via email are extremely misleading. In reality the discount is only 18% after the already reduced price of merchandise is automatically added in. This is a really bad way to conduct business and lure customers into your stores. Also, some of the merchandise prices are a bit inlfated and the discounts only somewhat bring them down to the price they should be.

-by (Dec. 20, 2012)