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I went to the Z Gallerie located inside the Del Almo Mall in Torrance California today 10/12/2013. This store has the absolute worst customer service I have ever encountered. The sales woman followed me around the store like I was a criminal. I had two items in my hand that I was taking to the counter for purchase she said I will take them I told her that's okay. She yelled to the front of the store to manager to make sure I was taking the items up front. The manager looked at me as thought I was also going to steal. The manager was Not friendly at all. He watched me leave the store as thought to make sure I wouldn't take anything. As I left the store with my purchase he did not say thank you for coming he basically ignored me once he made sure I paid for my items. I will never shop at this store again. I would hate to think because I am black I was treated like a criminal.

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