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2nd time Around Worse Than Before

Called to schedule an appointment for a loud noise coming from the refridgerator. Tech comes out on Saturday, September 14th, advises has to order parts. Says can come back out on Monday. Not good day I asked for Friday, September 20th, 1:00pm. He says ok. I take off of work 1/2 day on the 20th, I wait until 1:45, no show. I call and am told no one is calling the parts are back ordered and no one is scheduled. I ask why no one called me. Am told someone should have and she does not know why. I advise her of the May incident and how disatisfied I was and that I would think this time around, some improvement would have occurred. She places me on hold comes back and says I don't have an answer except 2 of the 3 parts are here. 1 was backordered as soon as it comes in, we will call you. Sales department sold me on what an outstanding service department PC Richards has..really? Not sure what it is going to take to get customer service to perform to the expectations of the saleman.

-by (Sep. 25, 2013)

Beyond Poor Customer Service

May 2013, glass shelf broke in refridgerator. Took over 3 weeks to have tech come out only to be told he has to order the part. After a few weeks I had to call for an update. Part back ordered. No one contacted me. A few weeks later I call and am told the part came in damaged had to re-order. Again no one called me to advise. A few weeks went by and I had to call again. Still back ordered. When it finally came in no one called me. I called again and said FedEx to me overnight. This issue was not resolved until late July.

-by (Sep. 25, 2013)

Washing Machine repair

I called about a washing machine that is broken. I was told that a repair man would be sent out in ten days. I got a call from the repair man who listened to what was wrong and said he would order a part which would take several more days. Why didn't a repair man make this call ten days ago and the part could have been ordered?

This is the worst service I have ever experienced

-by (Jul. 8, 2013)