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I recently had surgery in Roseville. While there a incident occurred and my husband made a complaint. We received forms, which I completed and sent back. I got a letter last week with the same forms, I have been trying to reach the case manager M. Wong without any results! Every time I have called a number that was provided I got that person voice mail. I can not believe that there isn't someone available in the Member service dept. that can answer a phone call. Today I tried to reach the head of the dept. and she was out of the office until 6-28, but there isn't a new message on her voice mail. 7-1- 13 I received another letter that said they were going to close the complaint because they haven't gotten the forms. This is driving me crazy because I also had a concern re: a doctor and it was taken care of quickly. Did any one down in the deep hole of member services think to check with other investigators . Why does there need to be the same forms for each issue. It was my understanding if you fill out the forms that they were good for a year. I have been a Kaiser member for 30 years, plus and employee and this is the most shameful thing that I can think of. Not being able to get the help I need, when I need it.

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