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Phone Number:1 (800) 843-2728

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Gluten free

I miss my White Castle burgers since I have become sensitive to gluten, please, could you start serving gluten free White Castles, I m in withdrawal, I CRAVE them so much and can't make the CRAVE go away, HELP!!!!!

-by (Feb. 3, 2015)

port huron mi

We need the White Castle back in Port Huron Mi....please and thank you

-by (Jan. 20, 2014)

Need White Castles in Knoxville, Tn

You have WC's in London, Ky (2 hour drive north) and WC's in Lebanon, Tn (2 hour drive west) and several in the Nashville area (3 hour drive) H E L P !!! Put a couple in Knoxville - there are Krystal (A poor substitute) here. This is a major Interstate Hub I 40 and I 75, please do this, you will sell LOTS of meals here. Thanks for considering and even more thanks for doing!

-by (Nov. 29, 2013)

craving white castle

Hello, I live in Tampa Bay Florida and I am your biggest fan. Originally from Jersey I am now going through withdrawl from the great taste of your food. I must say that we do have Krystal burgers which are similar but nowhere close to white castle. I am wondering if you guys can pppplllleeeaaassseee open one in Tampa Bay, but for the time being I was also wondering if there was a way for me to order online and you guys ship it to me in like one of those hot/cold bags? This is not a joke I am willing to pay whatever. If you can't do it I understand but you can't blame a girl for trying.

-by (Apr. 25, 2013)


What would it take to open a White Castle in Albuquerque, New Mexico. So many New Yorkers like myself have moved out here and knowing the makeup of the customer base here, I can assure you people here will go wild over White Castle Burgers. We buy them frozen but, of course, they are not quite as good as freshly cooked.

-by (Mar. 21, 2013)


Please open White Castles in Texas. I live in Dallas. There are way too many New Yorkers here for us not to have a White Castle somewhere in Texas. If Californian's can have In and Outs, then we should have White Castle. Real estate is super cheap here. Texas would love WHITE CASTLE!!

-by (Mar. 19, 2013)

white castles on 159th and Harlem is horribleat nights

this is the third time I have ordered in a month and this is the third time the order was wrong going through the drive thru the last time I actually call them and told them that my order was wrong and I was told to come back the next day and my items that they forgotton will be given to me and it will be in the computer when I went there the next day the manager was talking to me like I was stealing from them she told me that they do not even have a computer i will never go back there again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-by (Nov. 25, 2012)

new location perhaps?

please open a white castle in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

-by (Nov. 10, 2012)