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Phone Number:1 (877) 444-4773

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Better than the website

The phone number I dug up on the internet turns out to not be a regular customer service number, rather a rewards number, but I was taken care of anyway, which is much more than I can say for their POS website.

-by (Jan. 13, 2016)

Dirty Train

Amtrak very dirty, looks and smells like the getto Change name to AMTRASH

-by (Sep. 6, 2014)

Drunk Female

Worst time ever,had to call 911 while on train from Cleveland ohio to sea washington was attack while sleeping by a drunk because I and man in back of me would not help her fine her bags Amtrak will not give up name of her , but was taking off train by St could MN police.Call Amtrak today and they act like I was not even on this train, this woman also pull the emg line and stop train and nothing was done. What cover up. My 10 year od granddau was there and cry to make her stop what a 1st time train ride for her Sorry I ever took her on train. Will ask Amtrak for refund if any one will listen next time we will drive

-by (Sep. 5, 2014)


My husband and I are older Senior citizens.Driving on Trips is very difficult for us. We have a small older dog that we take with us. I would like to know what the policy for small dogs 12 lbs Would be from NC to Vermont

-by (May. 30, 2014)


When are you going to change the menu on long distance travel?.it is the same for years now, breakfast, lunch, etc.The same cheee sandwich , chicken fingers. The list goes on.Please vary this menu. Thank you

-by (Feb. 16, 2014)


i am trying to get from milwaukee to manitowoc on cristmass how much the amtrack cost

-by (Dec. 5, 2013)

Bad day?

Aug 8 got on the southwest chief in Kansas City to chicago. All bathrooms locked except for 1 that was backed up. No attendant could be found. Aug 11 got on in Chicago. Conductor kept going through cars running down people. I saw him do this at least 4 times. He was rude and displayed a state of hysteria each time. What was his problem? I take this train a couple times a year and I have seen this conductor before. Not the friendliest guy but his announcements r entertaining. Train was on time both ways which was great.

-by (Aug. 16, 2013)

5 hr wait for train in wis dells wi to chicago il

train 8 from wis dells wi to chicago il suppose to be in wis dells wi at 12.08 got there at 4.30 suppose to be in chicago il at 3.30 got there at 8.30 called customer service and they sent me a vocher for 48.00 fare to wis dells from chicago il if it had not been for wait would of been nice trip 1 more thing the man at wis dells wi that ran it had no idea what time train was coming and could not leave station if he had could of walked around downtown dells and ate but he knew nothing get rid of his butt

-by (Aug. 12, 2013)


On May 14, 2013, my mother was a passenger on train 174 going to New York city from Ettrick Va. My mother became disoriented and confused. The conductor Ms. Johnson called me while my mom was still aboard the train to inform me of her condition. I greatly appreciated this act of kindness. She should be commended for a great service well done. Thank you Ms. Johnson

-by (Jun. 17, 2013)

one trip i will never. forget

First of all an 8 hour train ride took. 24 hours two out of four cars ran out of water you couldn't use the restrooms .when. we asked where we. Were or how long knowone new the only thing good on this trip was the scenery I just wish I could get my money back or something without the thought of the hassle

-by (Jun. 16, 2013)


On June 5 I was aboard Train No. 4 from Galesburg to Chicago. Your employee, Roger, who helped with my luggage and getting me a seat was wonderful. He even got food, etc., from the cafe and served it to the travelers and would not accept a tip. He should be commended for his service and is a great employee of Amtrak.

-by (Jun. 8, 2013)

Uncaring night staff

First off were treat poorly by security in Sacramento ,then forced to wait 4+ hrs for a stop that we were allowed off at to smoke and stretch our legs , i for one will choose A different method of transport Sincerely , Misty D

-by (May. 12, 2013)

Sitting on Acela delayed and no one here

I am sitting on a train in union station with my daughter which is 3 hours delayed and has no water bottles,food. Etc and the most pathetic thing is that WE ARE STILL IN UNION STATION. No one here is willing to take responsibility nor even have the train restocked with food and water. There is no acceptable reason for this. I am a frequent traveler with an Acela club card. This situation is inexcusable.

-by (Apr. 20, 2013)

Amtrak Thanksgiving Trip

We rode round trip (Chicago to Dallas) over Thanksgivng week. The trip to Dallas was pleasant, with an attentive and courteous crew, particularly Chris, our sleeper attendant. The return trip to Chicago, however, was its antithesis. A mostly surly, very harried crew (it took two and one-half hours for our bed to be made up); not one meal offered its complete menu; our sleeper bathroom lacked a toilet tissue dispenser that could not be replaced en route; the ride was so bumpy in Sleeper A that we barely slept. We understand that the holidays are a busy time to travel, but since Amtrak has been doing this for 40 years, surely customer service could actually exist and not be an oxymoron.

That will be our last train ride.

-by (Nov. 26, 2012)


I am currently on the 8 train headed to DC. I got on the train in Fredericksburg, VA. When we got to the next stop in Quantico, the lady next to me go off the train. I moved to her seat. The train employee then came and told me that I had to move because he had a manifest and he new that this couple was traveling together and he wanted them to sit together. I felt that I had to move( I like the window) and be uncomfortable so that someone else could. I think that I am more upset because it was mandatory. I felt as though I didn't have choice. I am not familiar with this policy or have ever heard of it. We don't have assigned seats, it is first come first served. I have also been on hold calling in to your customer service for 20 minutes,

-by (Oct. 26, 2012)

Letter of Appreciation

On Sept. 10, 2012 I had to travel from FL to VA on the Auto-Train after receiving news of a family member's death. Feeling under stress and deep sorrow, Without much success I tried to keep my emotions in check so that I could dine with others.

Your employee, Mr. Kyle Potts became my Angel. He immediately recognized my distress and responded with acts of kindness and compassion.

It was very comforting to know that although alone, I had someone who would look out for me and who took the time in his busy schedule to lend an understanding ear. He not only made sure I ate, but he also fed my hurting spirit with words that brought about a sense of peace.

As we arrived in VA, because of Mr. Potts care I was able to face my 3 hour drive to NJ in better emotion shape than when I started my trip. I am very thankful for the wonderful Amtrak Employees I have met as a frequent traveler, especially Mr. Kyle Potts.

In gratitude, Corendia Tinsley 7033342820

-by (Oct. 8, 2012)