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PF has changed their billing system and now many customers are receiving notices that money can not be taken out of their account. We have received emails and phone calls that it is our duty to come to the office and straighten things out. I have traveled three times with no resolution. We have gone down there and given them checks but it does not resolve the problem. We get a letter the next month. Now I want to quit and guess what? - you have to travel back to the same place where the problem is. Also, no one will give you a name to write a letter of complaint. You have to write a letter to the manager at the local location - the same person who can't get their accounting straight. Never have I been treated so poorly by any organization. Please change your policy. I will be writing letters to the Better Business Bureau about your policies. If you spent more time helping customers who have been there for years - you would not need so a long Terms of Forlocations

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