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Security at fitness club

Stuff stolen out of. My truck while I was inside exercising. Not security during. Early morning.?security cameras, no one knows

-by (Jun. 24, 2015)


We cancelled 3 months ago and they still kept on chraging our credit card. watch out everyone.

-by (Nov. 15, 2014)


I paid 20 dollars for a tour. The young man was to busy talking to his co-worker. After 15 minutes he charged me 20.00 Took me on a tour that lasted 3 minutes In the end he said just read the machines. He then walked away,calling his girlfriend. I felt I bothered him. I was not allowed to use certain rooms. So why would I sign for a membership not knowing how the machines worked. It should be called Planet ripp off. Thats how I feel. Tried calling custmer service. Its now three days later still waiting for someone to pick up.

-by (Aug. 29, 2014)

Go Join Another Gym

the fees they charge are excessive and they give you alomost no warning when you annual dues are about to hit your account. because of this they have caused banking problems for me. they are not quick to help their customers and the help line is a joke. I advise whoever is reading to look for another gym.

-by (Jun. 5, 2014)

Taking my money

Hi I canceled my membership moved to another state and called after i found out your still taking money from my account and i was told call back and they will see what they can do. This is not acceptable poor customer relation's

-by (May. 4, 2014)

the worse !

I cancelled my membership before the date the said id have to pay a membership fee and I was still charged a yearly fee though I have only been with them 3months. I called in the the head office and the person who claimed to be manager/ supervisor/ csr told me they dont do refunds. The worse place and ppl to deal with. The dont even deserve a star.

-by (Oct. 1, 2013)

Worst Gym Out there!

I was a member of PLANET FITNESS for 4 months. The gym itself was sparse and left lots to be desired but that's a seperate complaint. You sign up thinking that the $10 a month no contract offer is a deal but what they don't tell you is that regardless of your length of membership if you cancel your membership anytime after the 25th of a month, you will automatically be changed and annual fee on October 1st. I cancelled my membership on the 27th of September and was notified of this nonsense. Why am I paying a fee to a gym that I no longer belong to? If they are that hard up for cash, they need to raise their monthly fee like normal gyms instead of stealing it on hteback end. I hope NO ONE asks for my opinion before joining this awful gym.

-by (Sep. 30, 2013)

Planet Fitness is not customer friendly

PF has changed their billing system and now many customers are receiving notices that money can not be taken out of their account. We have received emails and phone calls that it is our duty to come to the office and straighten things out. I have traveled three times with no resolution. We have gone down there and given them checks but it does not resolve the problem. We get a letter the next month. Now I want to quit and guess what? - you have to travel back to the same place where the problem is. Also, no one will give you a name to write a letter of complaint. You have to write a letter to the manager at the local location - the same person who can't get their accounting straight. Never have I been treated so poorly by any organization. Please change your policy. I will be writing letters to the Better Business Bureau about your policies. If you spent more time helping customers who have been there for years - you would not need so a long Terms of Forlocations

-by (Sep. 25, 2013)

Frustrated Beyond Belief!!!

I joined this gym 3 years ago, I was able to pay with my credit card, now it has to come out of my account and I have been struggling to get it transferred to the new town I live in that's 2 and a half hours from the other planet fitness that I belonged to. It has been a year since ive been able to work out at the new Planet Fitness where I live, but yet they keep taking money off of my c.c. EVERY MONTH! I thought they weren't supposed to be able to do that anymore. I am HIGHLY disappointed with Planet wonder it's so cheap

-by (May. 18, 2013)

never answer the phone

I called many times and stayed on hold for an hour. They never answered the phone just kept asking me to leave a message.

-by (May. 3, 2013)


I travel the the east coast and SE US. I have been in many of your clubs. Today I was in the # 701 club in GA. It is the the nastiest club I have ever been in. It needs to be updated and cleaned. The equipment is old, the pads are all worn, there is sweat and oil and crud all over the equipment. I am not a germophobe but I will not go back to that gym unless something changes.

-by (May. 1, 2013)

Simply awful....

Trying to resolve a billing local club was worthless with helping, and of course the corporate office is worthless with helping. Subpar gym, subpar service. But too be fair, what can I expect for $10.

-by (Apr. 22, 2013)

first time ever attending

Just left gym and I wasn't allowed to come in (location Phila Pa. Park West) i sign up on line no where on any of the docuements i have or while i was signing up i had to wait 24 to 48 hours before i can use or even tour the gym . I felt really embaress and dum. Also the young lady at the desk never ask to see my papers she was to busy talking on the phone .

-by (Apr. 10, 2013)

Is this store open? How can I rate the customer service rating if I have had no service?

How come I am the first review? I live in Texas and I want to know what this store looks like.

-by (Apr. 7, 2013)