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I really don't want this posted but iam concerned about this my husband and were members about 4 yrs ago and then he got sick and we stop going after he passed away I rejoyed last sept then when I came in Monday said I had a message and my message was that dan was no longer a member of silver sneekers no joke he passed way 2 yrs ago how cold shouldn't you check your updates before putting something like that as a message thank GOD that he holds me up I love coming to the y gives me peace of mind but at times I don't know if I could get the peace some place else between the classes upstairs that take over the track at times and the rude kids in the pool when trying to work out is it worth my 38 dollars that I could put towards a different place sorry don't mean to shound so awful just had to get it off my chest thank you for ever who reads and wants to respond diane

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