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Phone Number:1 (800) 654-5669

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Score 3.1
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Reviews For Alaska Airlines Customer Service (8)

worst to get on phone

called all day only to get a recording that was usless

-by (Jun. 26, 2015)

Over Chargecaptcha

They were very helpful in resolving my issue and refunded fees for the problem created .

-by (Aug. 20, 2014)


I just called customer service for some assistance as far as what is allowed on the plain. My mother wants to take 2 bottles of tequila and so that they don't break she wants to take them with her. Tried to speak to a live person but the automated machine stated to call during regular business hours. HELLOOO!!! the least you can do is let us know what is your regular business hours. BAD SERVICE.

-by (May. 22, 2013)

customer service

My wife is legally blind we made a reservation for her to fly from Sacramento Ca. to Yakima Wa. After making the reservation we called Alaska air customer support to let them know that she would need some assistance in being seated as she cannot read the seat numbers and she would need assistance in Seattle as she had to change planes there to get to Yakima. We were told that they didn't enough manpower to provide her any assistance. All she needed is for someone to help her find her seat on the plane and take her to the gate for her connecting flight in Seattle. I find it hard to believe that Alaska Air supposedly known for their great customer service couldn't offer her any assistance at all. We were forced to cancel her flight. I don't understand why when they have an option to let them know that the passenger is blind. What's the point if they don't intend to provide assistance.

-by (May. 21, 2013)

Great service

Agent Chevonne (sp) was so amazing in handling a problem that I had on my booking reservation. We have always had a great service on Alaska Air traveling and booking. Thank you so much for fixing my error in reservations!!!

-by (May. 7, 2013)

Great service!

Agent was very pleasant and helpful. My question/issue was resolved quickly and I was off the phone in less than 3 minutes.

-by (Feb. 21, 2013)

Great service

Great service helped me square away my problem very quickly thank you

-by (Feb. 15, 2013)

Alaska’s flight attendant called police after my husband told her that he would complain about her poor customer service

We were on our way back from Mexico vacation travelling with our 12-year old daughter, 10-month-old son, and my parents. Our flight was delayed for 3 hours and our son went completely off schedule. He was overtired and fussy and it was after 9 pm. When the aircraft finally took off and all belt signs turned off, my husband took our LO for a walk to calm him down as he was crying. He went to the back of the aircraft where the restroom are to not block the hallway, but one of the flight attendants told him to “go back and take a seat.” A little later my dad was walking with our son and the same flight attendant sent him back to his seat. Belt signs were off. When, after a while, my husband was standing next to his seat trying to entertain our super-overtired son, that same flight attendant who was serving drinks five rows ahead of us, approached him and told to seat down. And it wasn’t like she asked him in a nice and friendly way – it was an order. My husband sat down, but asked her “Why you keep sending me to the seat when the belt sign is not on?” She started lecturing him about his duty to follow her requests, that she is doing her work and blah, blah, blah. Yes, she was pulling a cart with drinks, but she was five rows away from us. And she was pretty rude and aggressive when she talked to my husband. She completely ignored the crying baby held by my husband. He asked her to give him her name and said that he is going to complain about her poor customer service and her response was: “Do you want to talk to authorities?” He responded: “I want to talk to your supervisor.” “There is no supervisor on the board,” – she said. Then he asked what her name was and she turned around and walked away pretending she didn’t hear him. When she came back and continued to serve passengers in front of us, my husband, who was sitting a few sits away from me, started talking to me in Russian. She turned around, jumped on him and started yelling something like “You want to continue? You want to talk to authorities?” My husband, completely in shock, told her that she was speaking with his wife, but she didn’t listen to him and was yelling like crazy. I tried to interrupt her trying to calm her down and explaining that we were talking to each other, but she didn’t listen to me and continued yelling. She then left and was on the phone for a long time, then she came back to my husband, gave him some paper and asked for his photo ID. The paper turned out to be a Notice of Violation of federal law and she wanted his ID to fill out the report. I asked her what law my husband violated, but she ignored my question. We told her that we will not give her any ID until she explains what was going on and what she was trying to accuse my husband. She refused and said that she would call police. When we landed, everyone was told to remain seated and 7 police officers entered the aircraft. They escorted both of us, our two kids and my parents through the air craft and then through the airport to a small room where they do searches. We were told that police was called to the board because the attendant alleged that my husband threatened her and she was afraid for her safety. My 12-year-old, who was sitting next to my husband and heard the whole conversation, was shocked as well as me and my husband. Police officers were very sympathetic, but still it was very humiliating and embarrassing. We spent two hours confined in a small room that looks like a prison cell, while they took our and the attendant’s statements. We were released around midnight with no charges filed against us. We talked to Alaska Airlines representative at the airport, and she was very apologetic and promised that Alaska would get back to us the next day, but no one from Alaska ever did.

I forgot to mention that both me and my husband ended up having our names in the FBI database.

-by (Oct. 9, 2012)