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Phone Number:(813) 282-1225

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Score 2.6
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new restaurant

We have a new mall being built close to our home in Gateway, Ft. Myers, Fl. Would love to have you build a restaurant here. We had reservations for Christmas Eve. at 6:30 and it was almost 7:30 before we could be seated. You have too many customers and not enough restaurants. Please?

-by (Dec. 28, 2015)


We are at the Valencia,Ca Bonefish,food was good,but froze to death.Many of the patrons had to eat dinner with their jacket or coat on.I asked for heat and it took 3 requests for anything to happen.By then we were finished with dinner.What happened to customer service?

-by (Nov. 30, 2015)

never made it to a table

Had a reservation for 7:45 PM and at 8:10 we walked after we were told time after time it would be soon. This is unacceptable. We left and were seated promptly at The Village Tavern in the same center. Had a great dinner there. Very disappointed in Bonefish.

-by (Feb. 28, 2015)

Safety Issue

A serious safety issue exists at a Bonefish restaurant in Raleigh, NC and I can't reach a corporate person to talk to. The number has been disconnected. How are you suppose to get in touch with them except for snail mail. This issue needs to be take care of immediately!!! If I can't get someone to talk with soon, I will go to the local TV station who handles issues.

-by (Jan. 29, 2015)


Enjoy Bonefish Grille but would like visit one nearer to home in the new town of Tradition Florida. Lovely lakeside restaurant lots available. Not enough restaurants for fast growing community.

-by (Dec. 9, 2014)

Your choice of "musi c"

We come to the bonefish I. Skokie at least one a mo th. it's always's too loud. TodAy , July 10, it is loud and awful. PLEASE! Change it. I assume the choice is made at headquarters.

Thank you. Marva Paull

-by (Jul. 10, 2013)


We are very happy that Bone Fish has opened in the Gambills, Maryland. We had dinner there twice last wee. The service and food were amazing. We went for brunch last Sunday. I ordered the crab cake sandwich. I was very disappointed. The crab cake was over cooked and dry inside. I will never order them again. May I suggest a quiche (sp?) as an added item for your brunch menu? We will continue to go there for dinner, but perhaps not brunch.

-by (Feb. 5, 2013)