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Phone Number:1 (800) 225-9702

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Score 2.5
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Great place for the O T R drivers

-by (Nov. 15, 2015)

Just better tea

I am a daily customer(usually 2 times) at a Cumby's in Maine. I get my gas, lottery tix and ice coffee/or ice tea. I was wondering if it were possible to make your ice tea using green tea. I think it would be a good seller as green tea is much better for you. Just a thought. Thanks

-by (Oct. 24, 2015)

gas prices

today ( 9/18) you gas prices are .17 higher than competitors!

-by (Sep. 18, 2015)

gloversville cumbys

just left Gloversville store the floor was so dirty my shoes stuck to the floor . laid my hand on the counter my hand stuck . what happen to this store use to be clean ..

-by (Jul. 26, 2014)

Coffee Rolls

There is a cinnamon Cinnabon coffee roll made by Mrs Freshly's that I have only found at Cumbies. The store that I go to on the way to my job every day tells me that they weren't available anymore even though I have found them at their other stores. I don't understand what the issue is with the ordering. I have said something multiple times to the clerk and she says she will order the coffee rolls. The mornings she has the order to put away she tells me she hasn't had time to put anything away even though she is always smoking when I get there and she doesn't stop talking to me for ten minutes even longer some days!! I know they are lonely for 8 hours on third shift but it's crazy both girls WILL NOT STOP TALKING!! So figure out how to order the coffee rolls please.

-by (Nov. 16, 2013)

parking complant

Why is it that personal that work in your stores and gas stations are not to let someone who is parked in front of to move before service given. Is that not a safety problem for staff in store.

-by (Jun. 28, 2013)

Oxford MA Chicken salad

On my way home from my nursing class today I stopped to grab a coffee, as I usually do. It was close to noon time, so I decided to grab a chicken salad on wheat bread for lunch. I get in the car and two bites in there is a huge, long hair in my mouth. Thought for a moment it might have been my own, but as I pull the sandwich away from my mouth (gagging), it continued to come out from the inside of my sandwich. My hair was tied back in a ponytail... as should your staff making the sandwiches. Had to pull over on the side of the road to be sure I wasn't going to vomit. So disgusted I did not want to go back for a refund. Won't be buying food from Cumby's again... wonder what I will find in my coffee next.

-by (Jan. 25, 2013)