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On 12/31/12 (late morning/mid-afternoon) my wife and I went to the Winn Dixie store on 23rd St. in Panama City, Fl to purchase hog jawl and black eyed peas for our lucky New Year's Day meal. We've done this for our 43 years together. We had several items in our cart, including 8 cans of black eyed peas and proceded to the meat counter where we saw a man, we assumed was the butcher, stocking meat in the display. There was only bulk pieces of hog jawl and we had always gotten it sliced at other stores. My wife tried to make conversation with the man, but at first was ignored. She finaqally got his attention and asked if she could get the slaab sliced for frying. She was sharply answered by the butcher(?) by "Winn Dixie hasn't had a slicing machine in years" and pretty cool in his response. And further stated "I guess I could slice it with a knife" in a manner we felt that we were imposing on his assigned duties of restocking. I stated that we had always gotten the meat sliced at Winn Dixie and other stores. He said "that's the Winn Dixie way now". After a couple more comments we left our cart and the store without getting the meat sliced or buying anything. I wanted to stop by Publix and purchase the meal but we proceded to the Winn Dixie Store on Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach and purchased the already sliced hog jaw without any cute remarks and enjoyed our meal. We will not go back in the 23rd Store. I wonder how much business the employees at that store have lost?

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