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Phone Number:1 (877) 827-7895

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I am waiting for two credits since October 16th. Every time I call customer service I am told that the credits are coming through. They have as of yet still not posted. The process is supposed to take 7-10 business days. This is dishonest.

-by (Dec. 18, 2015)


Waited forever to talk to someone and because the clothes were a gift I have no reciepts. Can't exchange or return any of them! Was in the store once before and had a horrible experience. You would think that they could at least exchange the clothes. Instead the advice was to try and ask the gift giver for a reciept! What a joke! I know why I don't shop here!

-by (Jan. 9, 2015)

Customer Service

I called the Saturday before Christmas and was told I would be on hold for up to 45 minutes, my call was answered in less than 5 minutes. My problem was resoled in about 1 minute. I was very pleased with my experience. The only thing I did not like was the loud background noise.

-by (Dec. 20, 2014)

Good experience

I was on hold for a long time, but worth the wait. I was calling because I just placed an order then noticed lower prices last night. They were going to honor the new prices but unfortunately for me, the sale was already over. As a courtesy, they ate sending me a coupon. Also upon reading everyone's reviews I asked about perhaps the coat I ordered being too big & paying for shipping to have it exchanged since it was a, Web only exclusive... they gave me a, free return label as a 1 time courtesy. I have to say I am happy with my experience.

-by (Oct. 27, 2014)


Changed shipping address but still being shipped to me. That is very annoying and i am simply returning everything.

-by (Oct. 13, 2014)

Worst Ever!!

My password for rewards never works, resetting it never works, impossible to find the customer service number. Once I had number, waited 45 minutes only to be told the system was down. Got no help and I wanted this resolved TODAY so I could make an online purchase with the current no shipping/% off. I have been frustrated beyond belief with this company. I'm tired of all of my purchases not earning rewards. Also, I think the stores are always a disaster, are too crowded to even push my daughter around in her stroller, and they never have a good size selection.

-by (Oct. 2, 2014)

Terrible Service

I went to the store to return the shoes I had ordered because they were too small. Because one of them was on "online exclusive", I was unable to return it. I had to pay for shipping to return and will have to pay for shipping again to reorder. Attempting to call the service center now and I've been on hold for 16 minutes...and counting. Ridiculous!!!

-by (Sep. 23, 2014)

How are you still in business?

The worst customer service EVER!!! How are you still in business?

-by (Sep. 2, 2014)

Such long hold times

They don't even have the option for online chat so you are stuck holding on forever

-by (Aug. 2, 2014)

bad customer service

I bought some uniform online and I returned back to the central warehouse becuase they sent the worng size and I am still waiting for the refund .

-by (Jun. 27, 2014)

Excellent staff and clothes

been shopping for years and will continue too!!!

-by (Jun. 26, 2014)


I purchased two pairs of shoes on the Children's Place website for my daughter. She was so excited when we got them today! She put her foot down into the sandal and I went to fasten the buckle and it popped off! Really???? I will be returning both pairs to the store since I would have to pay for shipping to return them.....I will never shop there again.

-by (May. 31, 2014)

Very poor customer service

I am a grandma I went to west little rock Arkansas store @ the promenade. In which the clerk when I ask about a skirt price match from their store on University was rude. However not notified they where closing the manager look at me and said "can you bring your stuff to the counter I need to close my till out". Not please or anything. Then she sent a male to the dressing room & open the door on my granddaughter & daughter while changing to tell them "Where closing" hurry up.

-by (Dec. 23, 2013)

Best place

Great deals,colorful clothes,so much to choose for,good customer service,but at some busy days it feels like messy,otherwise it is worth to shop there.

-by (Oct. 21, 2013)

Horrible customer service

Will be closing my acct.... I have not received a card. Yet, went to the store and with proper ID was able to make purchase... A month go by, and I still have not received my card. I called customer service to make a pymt and the rude customer service told me with attitude that there is going to be a 16.99 charge.. I explain I don't have a card to make through automated or computer... She put me on hold without asking if I could be put on hold!!!! Worst customer service experience ever.

-by (Jan. 14, 2013)