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I loved the chillybeans.They went up on price,cut the cup size. If thats not bad enough they give you half a cup. That's uncalled for . So I stopped going there.

-by (Mar. 6, 2013)

Nail found in Spicy Chicken Wrap

Purchased lunch today Jan 30, 2013 at 12:44pm Order # 259534 Wendy's, 2800 Niles Avenue, St, Joe, MI 49085 site # 00004374. Half way through my Spicy Chicken Wrap I bit down on metal that turned out to be a nail. Called the store to warn them and was asked if I wanted another sandwich or my money back. Another comment was a Nail, is the building falling apart?

-by (Jan. 30, 2013)

no sauce

Was not given sauce with my nuggets what's the purpose without sauce!!!!!! It was the Wendy's in aiken in Richland ave!!!

-by (Jan. 22, 2013)

False advertising is no big deal? Since when?

I just visited the Boardwalk location in Ann Arbor MI, and ordered my usual, two Crispy Chicken sandwiches and a small Dr. Pepper. The clerk asks "anything else?" I say no, and she says "$3.69, second window." I ask her to repeat that, she does. I ask why, she says small pop is now $1.50. I point out that the menu board clearly advertises the price @$0.99. She says "oh, they forgot to change that" and refuses to honor their advertised price. I called Wendy's Customer Service line to report this, and am told "we'll send somebody out to look into their menu board." No offer of actually honoring the published price was ever made at any time. I will NEVER eat at a Wendy's again, and told them so. They don't even seem to care.

-by (Jan. 10, 2013)

Horrible Customer service

HORRIBLE customer service at Brooklyn/Canarsie/flatlands location!! Employees have major attitude! They acted like they didn't want to take my order..Won't be back there again!

-by (Jan. 10, 2013)

A Bun and NO BURGER!

I live in selinsgrove pennsylvania and the service at our wendy's is terriable I ordered 6 burgers and 3 chicken sandwiches and 3 baked potatoes after shopping all day I ended up with 2 burgers with meat 2 burgers without the meat and didn't get the other 2 burgers plus I never got my chicken sandwichs and I only got two baked potatoes what the crap!!!! sure take my 13 dollars it cost me and don't give me my meal then i call and they told me to bring the food back in so they could check it cause I guess i'm a liar hello its freakn christmas time I don't really need to eat out I have a good job and I could of easily ate at home so here my kids need to sit and wait to eat until Wendy's gets it right my goodness it seems to me that wendy's is being ran by people who really don't care about customer service at least at BURGER KING! if they mess up your order they don't make you feel like your a liar they just replace it and even give you more coupons for your inconvience I think I'll just go there next time Thanks Burger King you always make it my way Wendy's just takes your money and screws up your order EVERYTIME!!!!!!!

-by (Dec. 22, 2012)

Arby's Poor Quality Food

I just finished eating at Arby's in Aiken, SC. The meat was dry and tough...so much so that I didn't finish eating the sandwich. I've been to some very good Arby's...but this wasn't one of them by far. Very disappointing and I won't return.

-by (Nov. 15, 2012)

poor customer service, low health rating, food tasted terrible

My 2 nephews and I stopped by the Rockmart, Ga., Wendy's on Hwy.278 in front of the Walmart. We made the mistake of going inside to order. The workers must have been on a "work slow down" , as there was no production going on. We got our hot fries, but by the time we got our chicken, they had to get us new hot fries. The chicken tasted like it had been frozen, and flash-fried to get it cooked quickly. Then the line of people who had ordered and waiting on their food got long. But the workers just kept staring at the customers....so it was a stand off. The workers never apologize for being slow, unless you go to the drive thru. They never say thank you, unless you go thru the drive thru. Their health rating this week was 86, and has been that low for over 5 months. What does Wendy's corporate plan on doing to help this store? I don't know who the franchise owner is...that is my next step, to advise he is losing customers rapidly! Something needs to be done!!!

-by (Nov. 11, 2012)

rude employee!

I was getting off of work here in Reidsville after working a long shift around 11:30pm and instead of cooking just wanted to grab a quick sandwich at wendy's on my way home, i went through the drive threw and placed my order and paid at the first window, then went to the second window and waited for a moment which i'm not complaining about but then got the order and my friend didnt get 2 of her sweet teas so then reminded the girl about the teas which again is not what im complaining about but we got are teas said thank you and asked for another bag not trying to cause a problem and sincerely apolegized after asking for it got the bag and said thank you, then we were IGNORED no smile not you're welcome no nothing i then repeated my thank you and just got the window shut in my face. i was very taken back on this for one i work in the food industry the customer comes first regardless of the time or how you feel. after this experience i don't know if i will return to reidsville wendy's anymore due to this rude employee.

-by (Nov. 2, 2012)

Bad food

2-6 SOUTH HAMPTON ROAD WESTFIELD, MA 01085 I had 2 burgers on take out. They tasted like month old grease. I went back got 2 more same problem. I am not going back to this location

-by (Oct. 28, 2012)


I am currently on vacation in Virginia Beach, and the location at Pacific avenue is just horrible. The best tasting thing about BOTH orders I received was the drinks, which they initially forgot to give me. The buns were hard, chicken cold, fries were unsalted AND cold. I could call up there and have them fix it, but due to their lack of customer service in the first place, i figure it more beneficial for the company as whole to know that thanks to this one establishment, my reoccurring pleasant experiences with Wendys had come to a halt.

-by (Oct. 27, 2012)

sick building

I had recently visited the Wendy at location 626 Indiantown Rd. Jupiter FL. Upon entering the building I smelled a very musty moldy aroma. After further inspection directly over the counter I could see black mold on the balkhead. Water was dripping from the aircondition vent directly down on the customers food that was being served to them. I was appaled at what I had witnessed and did say something to management but they did not act that concerned. I know they must be aware of the problem because they had ultra vilote lighting mountings on the wall. This is a sick building and something needs to be done for the safety of my community. Please look into this matter before someone gets sick and dies.......

-by (Oct. 11, 2012)

bad customer service

I stopped at Wendys on County Line Rd. Oct 6th around 8pm. I used the restroom which was very dirty. I went to the counter to order food and the lady at the counter did not greet me she preceeded to get a drink and for 5 minutes did not say a word there was no one else in line so I walked out and went to Arbys where I recieved great customer service.

-by (Oct. 7, 2012)

Worst experience ever!

The guy at the counter looked lost and confused. He didn't even mix the strawberry lemonade, gave me old chili cheese fries that had a hair on it! The bathrooms were disgusting. Worst experience at a Wendy's ever.

-by (Oct. 6, 2012)


On the drive-thru menu at the location of 4201 13th St., St.Cloud, Fl the value menu shows a price of $.89 for a jr. hamburger and $.95 for a jr. cheeseburger. I ordered a jr. hamburger and was charged a total of $1.06 with tax. When I questioned it they told me that the price went up.

-by (Oct. 3, 2012)


After politely waiting 25 minutes for my order to arrive and leaving the establishment, I come to realize they sent me a jr bacon burger instead of the chicken fillet sandwich I had ordered, and hid the sandwiches under the fries in order to conceal the error. All in all a poor experience that will make me think twice before going back.

-by (Sep. 30, 2012)

Exemplary Customer Service!

After a procedure I brought my Mom (in a wheelchair) to the Saline location. I was more than a little frustrated that trying to get a wheelchair,first of all, up the sidewalk was very challenging, getting around a cement structure left little room to negotiate,then propping the door open just to find there was not room enough in the order aisle for her was just about it. Then out of the blue, two young men associates, smiling and gracious, saw our dilemma and immediately opened the chain which allowed us to access the front counter without a problem. The young man that took our order could not have been more courteous and even carried our tray to our table. After about 10 minutes, another worker came out to see if there was anything else he could get or do for us. I was absolutely shocked and pleased beyond words at the maturity and helpfulness of these employees. My regret is that I did not get their names, because they certainly deserve recognition by their managers and/or the company. I am going to attempt to find out who they were however and give them their proper acknowledgement. Young people often get a bad rap but these young people made our day and reaffirmed our faith in this generation. Thank you so much!

-by (Sep. 28, 2012)