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air stinks, always

In one store, on NE 163 St, North Miami Beach, FL, air in the dining area >always< smells like exhaust from the grill, and I am no sensitive flower. It is unappetizing, and a real hazard to employees who are exposed on a regular basis. Other stores might have the same problem. Might be if interest to OSHA. I want >Headquarters< to know, and don't care whether or not this is posted. I like Wendy's, and the legacy of Dave Thomas, and want to help. Your feedback page stupidly insisted on a street address I didn't have, and besides, would have been directed to the particular store. The Wendy's cited is the closest one to me, yet I can patronize it only infrequently for the reason given.

-by (Aug. 12, 2013)

new pretzel sandwich

Please do not get rid of the new bacon burger on pretzel roll best thing u have on menu. Also your improved your stores but got rid a lot of seating area,and also need to have responsible adult mangers on staff in evening, a free for all, im talking penna store Norristown area 19401 area very disrespectful and noisy, esp when their age and so farth come in, you are invisible., and get no service, until they r ready, happened 3 times already first time was Mothers day its located next to a hospitial and we were visiting a fam member, and ran in for a quick meal, bad choice,people very not caring, u need to hire little older people, who know what it is to work, no wasting time for a pay check they don't deserve to get. .

-by (Jul. 31, 2013)

Always loved Wendys food...!!

Very easy to get to, the people who work there are nice...never had a problem. Go there all the time with my kids...Minneapolis, MN.

-by (Jul. 23, 2013)

bad service dirty, nasty, cannot get orders right!!!!!

I live in Lynchburg Virginia the wendy's on Timberlake road, has big Problems with the place being clean and the service at the drive though or inside cannot get your orders right,everytime that I have stopped by this has happened.not to mention waiting for your order only to find after getting home the order is not right!!!!!!!!!!! They need to be trained more!!!!!! Not fired but trained!!!!!!!!!! (Get the place cleaned up).

-by (Jul. 17, 2013)


I found this resturant dirty! This resturant in Green Bay Wis on Hansen Rd was very dirty! Tables were gross the chairs where sticky i felt as if i couldn't eat the food because the seating area was dirty! And i couldn't stop thinking how the food in the back was being fixed and if it was as dirty and the seating area was!! please fix the problem!!!!!!!! I feel I am a costumer that you have lost.

-by (Jul. 16, 2013)

quality of food

date 7613; today I purchased a meal from your location on Harrisburg pike. I am sorry to say the food was sub par. the baconator had no lettuce, tomatos, pickles etc.not sure if this is the norm but for the price not acceptable. the fries were old, limp, and bad taste. I am a wendys person, very disappointed

-by (Jul. 6, 2013)

Bad Customer Service

I once again visited your resturant in Wheaton, MD and again my order was completely wrong, not only that I wasn't given a receipt. I understand we all need our jobs but when you're working in customer service, your customer is how you get paid so we always deserve great customer service and at least make sure the orders are correct. I was given food I can't eat and that was a salad.

-by (Jul. 2, 2013)


I have always loved Wendy's salads, but the last 2 times the chicken has not been good, maybe not cooked enough -- I don't know. Flavor and texture of chicken was not good. I won't be ordering salads again anytime soon.

-by (Jun. 25, 2013)


Your Company has a problem at this location with a few Fly' s. this isn't the first time. We have noticed them. Need to get up par with the rest.. The last time I was there a cuss fight was going on and I reported that also. Clean it up please....will report also the back entrance to your parking lot has a lot of ( chuck ) holes in it..

-by (Jun. 20, 2013)

Good Food

Excellent Decor Excellent Service Good

This is a fancy Taco Bell for Hollywood with nice new decor inside. Just look out for the trannys that make the inside Thier home

-by (Jun. 4, 2013)

What I found in my cup

Went through Wendy's drivethru today in Chippewa PA , ordered a diet coke. Drank the coke, got home went to discard the cup and thought it felt alittle heavy, so I thought better dump out ice, open the lid and was shocked to see the spout to the pop machine laying in the bottom of the cup. I called them up and the manager offered me to return it and she would give me a frosty. I am not a sue crazy person but was alitlle discussed with her offer to me, so I told her she better report it to corporate and I got a call from someone else and they offered me a couple coupons. Said they would send them to me in the mail. Not to happy with your managment over this deal, if you want to see pictures I have them. I don't plan on any lawsuit, but a frosty, come on.

-by (Jun. 1, 2013)

Greet service

Really enjoyed my experience at the Elm street Wendy's today. The service was excellent and my cashier, Sydney, I was very impressed with the way she went out of her way for me tonight. Way to go Wendys

-by (May. 24, 2013)

Speaker problems

I've experienced ordering problems at several nearby Wendy locations recently. I use the Drive Thru; give my order & the person on the speaker asks me to give the whole order again. Every time I was told they couldn't hear me or there was Static. I've even been told the problem was reported to hire ups but nothing has been done to remedy the problem.

-by (May. 8, 2013)

great workers

Katina and Tami have excellent customer service skills. Very polite and friendly.We had a very large order and they where very patient and helpful. Thanks for a great experience.

-by (May. 5, 2013)

worst customer complaint management

I sent an E-Mail to complain about a cold Asiago Ranch Flatbread sandwich combo. Wendy's response was a lame apology with no offers to reimburse me with coupons.That is a very poor way to conduct business !! We should expect more from a large company instead of being treated indifferently."Don't like us here at Wendy's? Too bad"

-by (Apr. 26, 2013)

Please keep flat bread as a sandwich

I know , usually it is a complaint . In this case it is not. Skeptical I am , easily pleased with new I am not. The exception snuck up . I saw the ads for your "new flatbread " yada yada UNTIL I tried it. Seeded bread , lettuce fresh , tomato not mush , a punch of flavor , JUICY grilled chicken , ok I thought a flux , so no 2 just as good even better.being a Senior , my tummy has changed just cannot eat burgers n bread , just cannot. Love em , but not for me . This is so very delish , so very yummy . You have a WINNER!!!!!!! Please keep it , I would go at least 3 x a week....... Not into the mustard but that's me. I am over the moon , thanks Dave

-by (Apr. 25, 2013)


Today I order your new grilled chicken on flatbread and was so disappointed when I got home. I had only a half of a chicken breast on the sandwich. The breast was cut in half. I did take a photo of the sandwich. Clearly there was more bread, tomatoes and lettuce then there was chicken. I can only put in half of my weight watcher points. I'm wondering if you are only suppose to get half the breast.

-by (Apr. 21, 2013)

misleading coupons

When I visit your location in Butler n.j.I sometimes use coupon for getting an item free when ordering (any)fries and drink.The lady also charges the higher price fro fries and when I order a small frosty she charges from soda from the regular pricelist.I stated I wanted items from the value price list she won't do it.I seems it's any as atated on the coupons. Thanks

-by (Apr. 17, 2013)

obnoxious manger/district manager

i was given a fake $10 bill at Wendys Mall of Georgia, and when i called them about the issue next day the manager and the general manager told me that anything could've happened from last night and now. I am a person who couldn't differentiate between a real and a fake bill, but they in-directly told me that i was lying. NEVER GOING BACK. Don't go there, they say that they check all of their bills with the marker but still i received a fake bill.

-by (Apr. 4, 2013)

Hostile workers

I keep seeing Commercials for Wendy'sand wish I could go back, but I have tried over the past few years and last time it was the LAST TIME! Orders were never correct. Last visit the young man taking the order obviously was new and his mistake could not be fixed, I paid extra, just to help him. This was after the woman making sandwiches grunted something at us and THREW the chicken sandwich in the trash, because I wanted mayo only, I guess. This store is in a poor location + poor service = I won't be back there. This is too bad because I like Wendy's and would like the option of stopping in on the way home from work and picking up dinner for my family. I have NEVER wrote to any restaurant before, so please take this seriously. Your No. Palm Beach Location needs improvement!

-by (Mar. 7, 2013)