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Punish those who don't use cash

Stopped into a station in Tyler Texas. Needed some gas. Advertised price of 1.85 a gallon. I used my debit card as most Americans do these days. Ended up getting charged 1.91 for paying with card instead of cash. When I questioned the clerk (who chewed me out in Spanish) she pointed out the fine print. 1.85 if paying cash and 1.91 if paying by card. If your company isn't crooked your retailers are. It isn't right.

-by (Jan. 15, 2015)

service is just letters strung together

my boyfriend just went to pick up some cigarettes at your oakdale, california store. there was a sign underneath the product that said $3.94 ea when you buy 2 packs, yet he was charged $10.48 apx. when quesrioned the clerk katie said she was a newbie and didn'y know. needless to say he came home pissed. wheni called cust. serv i could only leave a number. they also never give a receipt unless asked. is this some new racket you've got going or just the same crap. when i called the store katie said the mgr wouldn't be in till monday. maybe she ought to work a few weekends and actually train the employees.

-by (Jun. 28, 2014)

Need Better Management

I have had many bad experiences going into the Valero Station In Ogden Ks. Very dirty and you have to wait to pay because it looks like a social place where people hang out, The Manager is very rude and you almost have to be abrupt just to get waited on. Whatever happened to customer service? I will never buy gas there again and have passed that on to all the people I know.

-by (Jan. 2, 2014)


My husband put gas 10/30/13 at the Valero on Hopper Rd & Aldine Westfield around 6:15am he got bad gas. Pls beware!!!

-by (Nov. 3, 2013)

$100.00 Hold

The station on Wika Rd in Apple Valley, Ca, attach a $100.00 hold on your bank account for 3 days even if you use your debt card for $10.00. This is the only gas station I've ever had this problem with. When I spoke to manager he tried to say it was my bank doing it! Really??? I will NEVER go back there and will let others not to go either...Rude Manager.

-by (Sep. 23, 2013)

Rude Cashier

I have posted a review just minutes ago about my experience at Valero's. I sincerely hope someone talks to this cashier. Before she comes upon the wrong customer. This ugly situation took place at the #105 store in Roxboro, NC at 10:15AM on a SUNDAY MORNING.

-by (Aug. 5, 2013)