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Christmas night... After a great day at a theme park, we thought we would go to TGI Fridays for appetizers and cocktails. The resturant is directly next to the hotel we stayed at, so it seemed like a "no brainer". Between the four of us in our party, three of us had issues with our drinks to start the night off. There was lip stick on one glass, draft beer left a nasty dirty taste most likely due to the fact the draft nozzles are not being cleaned properly, and the third case would be the floating mystery item flolating on top of a shot of whiskey. Now, I understand resturants can have good or bad days, but the bartender could not have cared less about the drink situation. After the bill was paid I asked to speak to a manager, who seemed unbelievably less interested than the bartender. However, the manager did apologize with a neevous smile on her face, saying "I feel really bad about this, I am sorry". During this conversation I met another "manager", who also apologized, and seemed sheepishly concerned. I will say, neither "manager" had shown any managerial skills as far as rectifying the situation. I guess my whole point to this post is the resturant, staff and food are a true disappointment. I was given the impression once I walked out the door nothing would be any different from us bringing this situation to management. I hope I made myself clear, Its a TGI Fridays, I wasn't expecting anything more than something simple and fun. It was all but that. Fridays used to be a fun place for good bar food, but not here! I will forward this to corporate a well. I figure there is a reason why the number of TGIF Fridays is declining across the US, maybe this review could shed some insight on what goes on when corporate is not around.

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