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Phone Number:1 (800) 822-6235

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Score 2.4
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put one in Overton, Nevada!

We love your food, service, and attitude and would love it if you would consider opening a store in the fast growing community of Overton, Nevada (89040). Have you considered this lately?

-by (Dec. 13, 2012)

Horrible service

So I live in culpeper va and I go to Taco Bell quit often I don't usually have a problem with the food but the workers are horrible my little sister and I made a trip to Taco Bell before her basketball game I asked for 2 CHICKEN chalupas and a chicken soft taco I clearly said chicken because I don't eat beef and it's the only thing I get off the menu well I hurry n drive my sister to the game and sit in the gym about to open my chalupa and there was meet on the packaging so I open up my chalupa and it's beef on account of I was Hungary but don't eat beef I went back across town to return the beef for the chicken mean while my aunt and friend were getting food I explained the problem and they were very rude they closed the window and 4 women stood there talking while I'm waiting finally a girl came back to the window and was like we have to charge you extra because you didn't ask for chicken and I said mam I don't eat beef I know for a fact that I said chicken she said well you can keep those or pay extra I said excuse me ok well ill be contacting cooperate and letting them know about your service she started to change her mind about charging me but I said oh no charge me and I will contact cooperate the customer service is horrible there they hire people with no class and that is a problem. I hope someone gets in there and corrects it because they will lose a lot of buisness acting like that.

-by (Nov. 27, 2012)

Drive through

I am never one to complain but last night was one of the worst service I have ever had at a fast food restaurant. I wait in line for 30 min to get my order that was totally wrong and to top that off I spent 27$ and the food tasted Like crap. First time in my life I will be getting my money back.

-by (Nov. 21, 2012)

Shift Manager out of control

Here at Franklin NC your store had one shift manager who is getting marry to my daughter who also work there as a Team Trainer. I went yesterday to give him a newspaper wedding announce. No one was in the store. He got piss off at me for saying my daughter is a lair. He banded me from the store and say he will call the police on me if i came in the store. This is not right for him to do this. I am surprise your company allow this to happen over the matter of him getting marry to my daughter. I am a hearing impaired person and need to walk in the store to read their lips to order my food. I can't hear drive throw at all. I have contract the Hearing Association about this matter. It is the only store in the Franklin area. I will not drive 45 miles one way and the other is 25 miles just to get Taco. Please look into this matter because he know that i am hearing impaired and my right under the laws for Hard of hearing and Deaf that is my right to go inside to order my food. He has no right to band me because he was piss off at me for calling my daughter a lair. This look bad for your company when i will take my daughter to court for slander which is in the progress of taking actions against her.

-by (Oct. 8, 2012)