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Food variety

Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value is good

-by (Jun. 4, 2013)

where is the beef (meat)

I travel thru out the state of Michigan and it does NOT matter which of your stores I visit there is little to NO meet on the Taco both soft and hard shell. Is this your way of cheating customers. Please look at your ad it shows Meat in your Taco however when you make a purchase little to no beef. So again I ask you WHERE IS THE BEEF?????????

-by (May. 30, 2013)


Thanks for the crunchiness!!!! A+ baby. Good meat, never made me sick. Better the dello taco. lol

-by (May. 27, 2013)

Scotts valley ca Taco Bell

I've been through the drive through several times at night and they don't tell you that they don't have Cinnabon delights.they just don't put them on your order or they can't make them.if I were you and wanted something sweet to eat at night don't go to Taco Bell scotts. Valley.

-by (May. 18, 2013)

Please read

I absolutely love Taco Bell, but today I came in and ordered myself an empanada. When I took a bite there was a huge spider inside of it and I was so disgusted I didn't even know what to do. I know mistakes happen but please don't let something like that happen ever again

-by (May. 10, 2013)

fantasic service

So I went through drive though today after having a rough day at a gas staion and the cashier was very perky through the speaker. she did a fantastic job helping me decide what was best for the food and drinks I wanted. she gave me meals. At the window she was very friendly and bubbly. Its so awesome to see this kind of service in fast food. usually its the dull boring cashier that doesn't smile or have any manners. Your store in Neptune N.J. is fantastic!

-by (May. 8, 2013)

empolyees use cell phone while working

will me and a friend went to toca bell patteville wi about 1pm i know the asst manerger thier and shortly after i found out he text his live in gf which she text someone else why did he do this, i thought no cell phone while working ! i kow hm will his shit doesnt smeel like roses mommy boy

-by (Apr. 26, 2013)

Service at the Piqua, OH store on Ash Street

I've never had the service I've received from the Piqua store in all my life!! The last FOUR visits were disappointing!!! They've been in a major hurry all four times and three out of the four they've forgotten something each time!! And the other...well I got everything but had to hear, "Is that it?" 6 times while putting my order in!! There is a difference between being fast and competent then being too fast, rude and always forget items or make them wrong! Tonight I asked for sour cream on a pizza....didn't get it. The meximelts were torn and sloppy and they forgot my pop and practically threw the food at me and shit the window!!!! Get it together people! I won't return....

-by (Apr. 23, 2013)

Mango frozen drinks

I was very disappointed when I learned you took the Mango frogen drink off the menus. I is my favorite and the only one I like. Can you please tell me if you can buy the ingertents to make these at home. I used to stop every afternoon and get one one my way home. I do not like any of the one they have now so I don't stop.

-by (Apr. 18, 2013)

Georgetown Taco Bell sucks

The Taco Bell in Georgetown delaware is the worst taco I have ever been to in my life I really don't know how they stay up an running.

-by (Apr. 18, 2013)

lost my business

I went to the Marysville Taco bell store number 019191 tonight and was talked about and made fun of by the employees that were working because my grandma changed her mind and asked for extra sour cream on the side instead on the tacos. I will not be returning to that location again. If those are the types of employees that are there. Have respect for your customers. As I manager of a fast food place myself in the past I would be ashamed. This guy left the window open so we could hear everything that was said.

-by (Apr. 9, 2013)

Bonner Springs, Ks. Horrible service!!!!!

The Taco Bell in bonner springs kansas has the most unhappy bunch of hood rats I've ever seen working there. That store is a joke and I have no idea why it is still open? I've never had anyone treat me as if I were a burden to them.......for asking for some salsa for my meal! It's Mexican food, what am I going to eat with it? I guess ketchup. Anyway that place is a joke. Good thing taco johns is down the road. See ya taco hell

-by (Apr. 5, 2013)

Great Service Ashley

Ashley was great at the old Monrovia location.

-by (Mar. 27, 2013)

fired and was not told why neither face to face by store manager

So i come to work and i work, not gossip,play, i work. I get sent home for not talking. Thenlater told by an employee through a text i was fired and a person who quit twie got rehired. What a childish work environment and a poor foundation as a source of business as long as its ran like that i didnt not deserve that but glad not to be part in what is to come. The things i know the district will know all shady puzzle pieces. Be careful how you do good people, someone always higher. Hope to be contacted soon.

-by (Mar. 16, 2013)

Are you serious?

The store on 8000 Beverly blvd in Los Angeles, went in and ordered bean burritos beans were as dry as a hot desert day you should have chicken tacos in hard shell which they won't do and it would be nice if everybody spoke English clearer. Other than that the lemonade was good

-by (Feb. 24, 2013)

Not Good!

After waiting in the drive thru lane for over 1/2 hour I recieved my order of 2 crispy tacos. I don't know how to say this but 1 was a spoonful of meat and a head of lettuce then about 6 shredded pieces of cheese. SO SAD! I must say the other had meat and lettuce however the cheese was still scarce. Once you go thru the drive thru you are stuck unless you want to get out and go inside...which I couldn't. Not at all happy with this place!

-by (Feb. 18, 2013)

Worse service and poor management skills

Avoid eating at 2225 Plaza Pkwy Modestoā€ˇ Taco Bell if you don't want a unplesent experience. I had a fake bill and manager wanted to display at her wall of trophies. The funny part is that we people can't have fake bill but yet she wanted to keep it with out replacing it. One would think that it should be discarded or destroy. I ask her for her card and she ignore me. She completely ruin my morning. :(

-by (Feb. 16, 2013)

a s--t hole!

stoped in duncan oklahoma to eat ordered a number 5 and a number 8 and a beef burrito got my order ate twoo tacos started on my beef burrito nothing but beans spit it out walked up to the counter stood there at least 5 minutes with there bean burrito on the counter with my bite out of it and where i spit it out finally a man ask mr if i have a problem showed him my receit and he says that was a meat burrito and i said no its a bean burrito and he said i was wrong again i said that he could eat then very sorry you can take taco bell in duncan oklahoma and stick it up your taco a-- i will never spend one cent at another taco bell and that store in duncan oklahoma is nothing but a shit hoe you should check it out yourself and shame on you for having a place like this!!

-by (Feb. 13, 2013)

Good service/horrible dress code

WOW! I had no idea when I went on here about the stuff people are posting. I just wanted to say that my service was speedy, efficient and even polite. I will say that the crew that was working looked rather scary. Maybe Taco Bell could look into strickening the dress code. I don't want to look at your 2-days worth of beard growth or your tatoos from your neck to your arms down. Makes you look dirty. Cover up, please. Overall, yes, the guys were very polite. a little mechanical, but polite. Hey, they're working at Taco Bell (what do we expect) I will stop there again, just like I have for over 5 years of driving to Rapid City. Thank you. p.s. Taco Bell is still better than Taco John

-by (Jan. 12, 2013)

Thug taco bell

My family and I have been going to this one store in Cypress, Tx for awhile now. We have notice that the people that are working there now do not have any respect for anybody. I do not know when TacoBell dress code changed to saggy pants but I do not want to see anyones underware while I eat especially from the people that are making my food. The cashier whos name was Steve was slow moving and did not give me eye contact one time. Christina was the manager and she was the only fast moving and most helpful one there. I cant believe Taco Bell has lowered themselves to THUG attire. Sad very Sad.

-by (Dec. 28, 2012)