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I would like to take this opportunity to brag on our Barnes and Nobles store that we have been customers of since they opened in Shoppes of Wiregrass Mall in Wesley Chapel, Florida. The management is very nice and friendly. The staff is following suit of the management. I always exchange smiles and words of encouragement with all and vica versa. I am very glad to say that they are wonderful. Ms. Nancy several years ago did Story time for little ones and we were there almost every time. My grandchildren will remember her forever. Because of their wonderful treatment to customers, my grandchildren's favorite store from the time of being a toddler playing at the train table to now being very high level for their academic age still count there as their favorite store to go to. We always made it fun and a treat to go and they have kept that mentality. I can only share that the employees at this store deserve the best kudos you can give! Love them all and I love the sales! Blessings..

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