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Your CEO is a twit. He has had one too many facelifts and is so worried about surface projections, he can't see the value of what is inside. Obviously, he was a youth who was discriminated against and is using his "platform" to discriminate and denigrate people who HE fells are inferior. My children will NOT ever purchase an item from Abercrombie and Fitch. oh, and just so he is aware, my son is a football, basketball and baseball player, weighs 170 and is 6 foot tall, has a size 34 waist and wears and adult medium. He is popular and well like, one of the students your store would target as its' target market. My daughter is too young for your store and I will thank God every day. Hopefully. you are out of business by the time she is old enough.

-by (Jul. 10, 2013)


Just put roses in the women's perfume for godsakes. You are not ralph lauren, put the flowers where they belong for the fitch, in a vase or bottle of some short to send back overseas to Raplhy on a boat.

-by (May. 27, 2013)


I am throughly disgusted by your CEO's comments about being an inclusive shop only and only wanting the "cool kids" to wear your clothes. I will NEVER enter into your stores with this holier than thou attitude you back and support by Jeffries. He needs to be fired. Our teenagers have enough peer pressure as is without being told they aren't cool enough to wear your clothes. Both my daughter and myself are a size 5, so I guess that means we are "cool enough" to wear your clothes. And yet you will NEVER, EVER see us venturing into any of your stores or wearing any of your clothing. Your company's motto disgusts me. Shame on you!!!!!!

-by (May. 24, 2013)

Mother of recent teenage employee.

My daughter got a job at one of your stores and so far has spent 150.00 dollars on your clothes, which are required to work in the store. At minimum wage per hour how much money has she really made considering she has been told she has to wear there clothes to work for Abercrombie.. Why doesn't the store supply a uniform of clothing to be worn at work. I feel strongly that these teenage workers are being taken advantage of. Would appreciate a reply. Mother of an Abercrombie employee. Also I am a customer because I paid for some of the clothing she needed for "work."

-by (Jan. 27, 2013)

Help please

My clothes were left in store and recite in the bag and they want let me get my clothes I went broke over . What do I do ?

-by (Nov. 7, 2012)

wording on ashirt

Please help me out, I am an assistant principal at a middle school in the St. Louis area and a student wore one of your shirts today with these words on it..."save a cherry - pop a collar", what does this mean? Really, what are you saying with this shirt? Thank you, Nancy

-by (Oct. 1, 2012)