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Phone Number:1 (888) 636-5589

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unable to buy gas

I went there late Saturday night before a trip to ilamorada to buy gas with a gas card bought at Publix was told they couldn't sell me gas as credit card readers were down I didn't have cash on me. This is ridiculus that you cannot use a prepaid race trac card they should have been able to call someone as I needed gas .

-by (Nov. 8, 2015)

Customer service

Rude cashier. Gave me the wrong cigarettes. It's like he did it on purpose. I had to drive back to exchange them. Then handing them to me he gave me a rude look like I was bothering him.

-by (Aug. 15, 2015)

Out of soda palooka cups

I went to purchase two soda palooka cups with my children today, May 27, 2015, and was told they are sold out for the season. How can they be sold out when the Summer just began. My kids were so disappointed.

-by (May. 27, 2015)


I have tried on several occasions to purchase 2 disappoints cups. However, the stores do not have any in stock. How can you run a promotion and not have ample supplies? I find this to be poor business management. My family purchases a lot of things from Race Trac. This is disappointing.

-by (May. 27, 2015)

Hold on account

I have bought lots and lots of gas from Racetrac and never had a hold of any amount put on my account. Right now I have a hold of $99.00 on my debit account for gas I purchased which has already posted. This is in LaGrange, Ga. 30240 No more purchases there for me!!!!

-by (Feb. 5, 2015)

Hair in sandwiches!!!

The number posted here for customer service is disconnected. Anyone know some other way to contact Racetrac customer service?? I purchased 2 different sandwiches at a Dallas Texas location yesterday evening and both sandwiches had hair in them. Please be careful purchasing food there, and if you do, please pay attention.

-by (Jul. 6, 2014)

Need my Money not more excusesdreyeare

I am still waiting for a refund check that I was told was in the mail 3 weeks ago.....Willie Rush #18-663-6955

-by (Jun. 9, 2014)

Customer service hotline

Their customer service hotline is just horrible im trying to get in contact with them about 2 transactions that I did not make and I want the problem resolved and my money back

-by (May. 22, 2014)

Apple Fritters!?!?

I use to be a loyal QT customer until a friend told me Racetrac had better coffee. It does. So I took my businessman to Racetrac and also got hooked on your apple fritters. I stopped every morning and afternoon and bought two. Now I can no longer find them in any Racetrac. I was going to 3 different stores looking for them every day until I finally gave up. Matter of fact your whole pastry cabinets look pretty sick now. Not even many of the other pastries are there. Maybe 5 or 6. What happened?!?! QT has an apple fritter but not nearly as good as yours. Help!! I NEED them back! What gives?

-by (Oct. 7, 2013)

texting cashier

Friday June 14 2013 I stopped into the lavonia Georgia location around noon. I walked to the register with my fountain drink; the cashier acknowledged me with her phone in her face, texting. Ten seconds later she decided to ring me up...terrible customer service ...

-by (Jun. 18, 2013)

Disappointment in Opelousas this morning

Hi - just a note. I stopped in to your Opelousas location today, and maybe I'm spoiled by how well the Lafayette Ambassador stores are all run, but the coffee bar there was without an entire dispenser of milk, half and half and creams. Several of the bins w cream were just empty. Also, the restroom (men's) had no towels to wipe hands. There were also no towels in the public sink. The help there seemed to be working, but almost more focused on their own needs and store issues, than customer issues. Check out was efficient, but I rounded that coffee bar counter multiples of times looking at empty/not filled, not available supplies...and of 3 near-by employees, no one asked if they could help. This was at 11:15a today. NOT at all what I've come to expect from your RaceTrac teams. Thanks.

-by (Feb. 18, 2013)


I also want to say this you guys are the only store at night that actually still greets Nice job ladies if I ask and you don't have you always check are try to accommodate your guest Great job!!!

-by (Dec. 27, 2012)

Great Associate

LHATORIA SCOTT STORE 658 She is always so pleasant great Attitude. Very hard worker everytime I enter she always greet me with a smile busy at work her and the supervisor Mrs. VERA very nice people and its visitslike this make me keep coming back. If I at night I can still get great smiles while there busy working I know this is my place of business knowing the nights can be rough Thanks ladies for all you do Racetrac you have a great night crew @ store 658!!!

-by (Dec. 27, 2012)