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Not a worried mom anymore:)

I had previously posted a concern about my daughter working today with temps at 11 below and even worse windchills. She has since called me to say that store is closed today. I am so relieved. Thank you. Andrea

-by (Jan. 6, 2014)

Worried Mom

Dear Perkins, My daughter has been a faithful employee for several years, she is now a manager, she loves her job and does it well. My concern is the weather, she is employed at the Elkhart, IN store on Cassopolis street. The toll road has all but closed, many roads are drifting shut, temps are 11 below and dropping with windchill at 30 below..The county is under a disaster emergency.. Why are the owners opening the store? Is there any way a corporation leader can just say, "hey, the lives of our employees are more important than the few meals we may serve today"? Is is really up to the owners, who are tucked in warm with their families at home? My daughter will be bringing her two young children over so I can babysit them. Even that scares me. I'm not criticizing, just wondering if Corporate is aware of the dangerous conditions in Northern Indiana.

Thank you, Andrea

-by (Jan. 6, 2014)

Filthy Perkins Janesville, WI

The resturant in Janesville should be shut down for the reason of filthy. Arrived on Sun July 28th at 8:30 a.m.. Bathrooms hadn't been cleaned from the day before. Out of toilet paper and hand towels. Couldn't have biscuts since they weren't baked yet. Waiting staff not clear of where to seat people. This isn't the first time I have had a bad experience there. I will never stop on my way through Janesville, WI again at that slum.

-by (Aug. 2, 2013)

Horrible Perkins managers

Ft Pierre perkins is a horrible place to work eat or visit! I love Perkins in Sioux falls and in rapid city are awesome and I love the food so I know it's not the establishment it's the managers!

-by (Feb. 2, 2013)