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I only wanted a diet Pepsi. I waited on line for about 8 minutes, paid for it, was handed a cup and sent on my way. I looked around and located the fountain area. When I proceeded to fill my cup with Diet Pepsi, the fountain spigot sputtered and filled my cup with foam. I tried again. Same thing. Meantime-- the crowd around me is beginning to accrue. Someone looked for a manager to fix the machine. I took other people's advice and filled the cup extra slowly... foam only. Others did the same. Then, we all stood there waiting for the foam in our cups to shrink so we could add more Pepsi. Then we waited again. Finally, my cup was nearly full. I settled for that. When I took a sip, however. The Pepsi was semi-flat. Hardly any fizz. Someone finally found a manager. She became defensive, asserting over and over, "I just changed the filter. It should be fine." I said, "I paid $2.09 cents for a Pepsi 20 minutes ago. And all I have is 3/4 a cup of flat soda... "The manager then said, "I'll contact Coke." I said, "Coke?" She said, "I'll contact Pepsi and ask them what the problem is. Thank you for your feedback." And she walked away... Grrr. I will NOT be back.

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