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panda express

Today I ate at panda express restaurant, located at Glendale Gallery, on Glendale California, and I found a chew gum into the food that was so disgusting. now I am worry to get sick, because whoever put that gum in the food could be sick, I am very disagreement.

-by (Feb. 4, 2015)

costumer service

Yesterday went to the store on atascosita Texas and the employees kept cleaning until I ask to be help that was so rude I think they need to put more attention is on of my favorite place orders to go thanks

-by (Mar. 17, 2014)

no Panda Express where I am???

there is no panda express in nixa missouri why are you doing this to me please fix this

-by (Jun. 9, 2013)


I was so upset to find out that you changed your rice to brown rice only this was my favorit lunch place i spend more money at panda than any other place even mcdonalds and they says a lot with their $1 menu. I understand that some people like brown fried rice but not all it's too mushy and it don't taste good no matter how healthy it is. i think you should still offer both. i would like to come back to one of my favorit places if you don't mind

-by (May. 7, 2013)

Gift Cards

Hello- I am disappointed - I just went into the Novato, CA location - and I had a gift card in the amount of $2.36 . I went there asked for this to be redeemed as cash - because the balance is less than $9.99 . They refused to redeem my gift card for cash. Under California Law- California Civil Code Section 1749.5 - it states that all store issued gift cards shall be redeemable for cash if under the amount of $9.99. Your office is closed right now - so I left a message for your customer line - I hope you guys return my phone call back and tell your team members that they cannot refuse to give cash for my gift card as that is violating California Law - I hope to hear from you guys - unless this turns into a legal issue.

-by (Dec. 12, 2012)