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DONE. 3rd Times a Charm

After 2 bad exdperiences with Olan Mills I returned a third time simply because the young lady who took my daughter's pictures does an AWESOME job as a photographer. As far as customer service or even getting pictures on time, Olan Mills gets ZERO stars. Never again getting my business!

-by (Apr. 25, 2013)

WORST photo sitting and customer service EVER

Kmart Knoxville,Tn First off when we showed up for our 4:00 appointment @ 3:45 the photographer was finishing up a photo shoot. So at 4:15 she looks at me and says oh are you here for an appointment and we say yes and she says it will be just a few min. so we said thats fine. FINALLY at 5:10 we get to go in for our turn. She reminds us that she was suppose to close at 5:00 but she will go ahead and do our pics. (First off I cant help how long you took on the shoot before us!) Well this is our first family pics and my kids are 19 &15 so I was excited. Well not so much now. The lady took 10 pics of my family none are cropped right all off center and the two back drops she used were white! no color change same poses and cropping was horrible! (the people before us had 54 pics to choose from) so I just purchase the CD and just a few sheets for me personally just so I have them. I was so happy to leave there. Now here is the kicker now...I pick up my cd (two weeks later) get home and guess what?? ITS BLANK!! so I pay $75 to wait two weeks to get a blank CD! so I call customer service only for them to tell me they will send me a new one and that they check all disc before they are mailed out. NOT THIS TIME! ok so now I got my CD that is suppose to have all these neat features for my $75 well NOT!! only features there are is changing them to black & white or sepia! IM ONE PISSED LADY RIGHT NOW and they are closed till Monday!

-by (Jan. 12, 2013)

couldn't retrieve my photos

I went to the portrait studio in canton michigan every time I went to retrieve my photos during business hours the studio was closed.. called customer service was on hold for over an hour worst experience ever!!!!!

-by (Jan. 11, 2013)

Enough is Enough

I go to Olan Mills in Mejier's in Highland and of course i make an appointment and they tell me i have to wait. The lady was fast and did not have the time to take my pictures well at least thats how i felt she flew threw them and the pictures all were horrorable i cant believe i even went there. I tell her the pictures suck and she says well we can make another appointment why make an appointment when i have to wait 3 hours for my pictures to be taken... worse experiance ever

-by (Nov. 26, 2012)

Olan mills is a joke!

I have had several bad experiences with Olan mills in the last few years and this last one tops the cake for me. I will never use Olan mills again. To be frank, Olan mills is a JOKE! I made an appointment with a studio inside a kmart and when I arrived there were several people waiting and I stood at the counter for over half an hour before the pathetic excuse for a photographer finally acknowledged I was there. She rudely informed me that she had 2 showings and another shoot before she would get to me and that "she was it" the only one working.. It takes a lot of effort to get 2 little boys ready for pictures and as anyone with small children knows, they can get very impatient when they have to wait in a store for hours on end with nothing to do! The family that was ahead of me still waiting on their shoot, had enough and just left and I don't blame them! I walked the store countless times with my kids trying to keep them happy and entertained. I was there a total of 3 hours just to get pictures of my kids! The so called photographer was very unprofessional, and didn't know how to handle children.. My kids didn't respond well to her mainly bc she kept fussing at them to cooperate!! She was rude, and was more worried about my oldest child putting his arms where she thought they should be than snapping photos and I was outraged at the way she spoke to him! I wasn't happy with any of the pictures that she took and decided I was going to only use my coupon and leave and NEVER use Olan mills again. The worst photo shoot experience EVER!

-by (Nov. 7, 2012)

Bad experience

SO last year October 2011 I was so upset with this customers service because I had an appointment at A Kmart from Torrance and when I get there the studio was closed down and one was kind enough to call me so since My twin girls were all dress up they send me to Carson I did get my pictures taken after 3hrs of waiting and now This year my twins pictures were schedule Oct 22nd at 5:00 pm.I get there and the studio is closed and my girls all dressed up here we go again no pictures taken but the worst part was that I tried getting corporate office and no onehad it!!So here I'm trying to get some help!!!

-by (Oct. 25, 2012)