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I am a disabled veteran. I have been with USAA for over 17yrs. This past 6 months with USAA have been an absolute nightmare. I am guilty of entrusting my entire family's finances with USAA to include my parents. All of our insurance and investments have been entrusted to USAA. On 1 Jul 14, there were fraudulent transactions on my daughters account. USAA reserved the right to wipe out my entire families paychecks that came in on the first of the month, to include my father's SSI check. I am retired and both my daughters are service members. USAA refused to do a full investigation or refund our money. USAA placed my entire family into financial hardship. We lost all of our paychecks and were unable to pay our bills for 2 consecutive months until we were forced to take out a 25K loan from another institution.

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