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Strawberry Salad

I did complete an on-line survey that everything was great however, I forgot to mention that the Strawberry Salad Entree was VERY SMALL. She said it tasted great but it looked more like a side salad than an entree salad. Not a good thing to walk away hungry. Everything else including friendliness of the staff was outstanding.

-by (Feb. 25, 2015)


Our recent visit to the Bensalem Steakhouse the service was great used the call ahead, Great, over all OK, the Filet Mignon was cooked perfect, but was not as tasty as before it seemed more like a flat iron steak and the lobster pieces, please you should eat their yourself unannounced of course. Your Filets have been much better and not as thin even for a 6 oz. Thank You for your time Mike

-by (Dec. 9, 2014)

Unavailable Beverages

It seems every time my brother and I go to the Longhorn in Woodbridge, NJ something we ask for is not available. On 10/11 Bud Light had run out by 7 p.m. On 10/16 there was no Bacardi Rum by dinner time. On several occasions there was no Pino Grigio wine at dinner time. We are usually satisfied with the food, but can't understand how they can constantly run out of the most popular items.

-by (Oct. 18, 2014)


My mother eats at Longhorns in Commerce, Georgia pretty frequently. She went for lunch last week and had her lunch and her drink spilled in her lap. This was an accident, of course, but all they did was clean up the mess and go on serving the others around her. The waitress apologized, as did the manager. I was really disappointed that she wasn't, AT THE VERY LEAST, offered a discount, coupon, free meal, etc. She loves going there, but has now said, that she would never go back! What has happened to customer service these days??

-by (Sep. 29, 2014)

Longhorn Restraunt

See your commericals on TV a lot, we could sure use a Long Horn Steak House on Long Island NY Nassau you would be welcomed with open arms so come to LONG ISLAND

-by (Aug. 17, 2014)

Worst meal ever!

My wife and I just dined at your Fairview Park Ohio location. Our dinners arrived and my wife had a burned sweet potato and shells in her lobster stuffed shrimp, she did not touch the filet or for that matter all of her dinner. AM stopped by and asked how it was she filled him in. He indicated they try hard to make the mark. When the bill arrived nothing adjusted not even a card good for return glass of wine! Great way to burn customers and keep from coming back.. She fed the filet to our dog , he loved it! Tired of paying good money for mediocre food and service on to Hyde Park !!!

-by (Nov. 23, 2013)

Ridiculous & unfriendly wait

We arrived @850pm on Saturday night. The hostess was rude & when I finally started counting tables ( over 11 open & clean) we finally were seated at 938pm. It was so not worth the wait. & they acted like we were too much trouble. The drinks arrived & soda flat.. At that point I decided to not order.

-by (Sep. 29, 2013)

A question for you about our bill

On Sunday, 8/04/13 my husband and I went to the local Longhorn Steakhouse in Chambersburg, PA #5447. After we paid for our bill of $37.50, I discovered that I had a coupon for a total of $5 off our dinner entrees. I asked our server, Kara L if I should just save it or if she could redo our order. She took our card and reswiped it, assuring us that this happens all the time. She said our first charge would appear and then would be removed. I can see that we have been charged the $37.50 from our credit card. This is now Friday, 8/09/13. How long will it take to make the necessary changes? We should see the difference between $37.50 and $32.41. I have the receipts containing all these figures along with the ID numbers. Do you need these too? (Oh, I forgot to mention that Kara took our coupon for $5 off 'cause we thought we were using it at the moment. We have seen no evidence of this on our credit card. Kindly respond.

-by (Aug. 9, 2013)


We had a gift card from EZ- Shop, that was given to us as a gift.The paper that came with it stated that long horn steak house would hornor the card. I would like to know why you didnt.or dont.

-by (May. 21, 2013)


My wife an I went to your long horn steak house in Palm Harbor, Florida tonight.the food was great , but when it came time to check out, that was a different story.we was served by Joseph L.when he gave us our check the first time, it was for $ 45.11. so i gave him 21 dollars cash an a gift card for 25 dollars.an a coupon for 4 dollars. he took it an left. the gift card was a gift from my wifes sister. it was a EZ-SHOP gift card. when Joseph returned he infofmed us the card was no good an the bill had gone up to $57.88. said he forgot to ring some stuff up.we paid the $57.88 because they would not take our gift card. said we had to have a pin number. There is no pin number on the gift card.but you have some kind of an agreement with EZ-shop gift cards that needs to be fixed. but i can asure you we wont be back in your steak house any time soon. we can go to a lot of other places that will honor our gift cards. I take it that i can tell all my friends about the treatment we recieved from your steak house. but you just lost one customer that was going to your steak house 3 some times 4 times a month. the service was good an the food was good but your deal with EZ-SHOP gift cards isnt.

-by (May. 14, 2013)