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Service was POOR from the time I pulled up to the window until I received my order. It was like I interupted her day. She asked me for my order and I responded. Very roughly she shouted, "I can't hear you!" I continued using my "please and thank you" thinking that maybe she's having a bad morning. She gave me my total. I pulled up to the window and with no greeting, she gave me my total with an attitude. She gave me the change and TOLD me to pull up and she would bring my order out. Then she slammed the door. I was very thirsty so I sat there to ask for my drink before I pulled up. You would have though by her response that I committed a crime. She raised her voice to say, "I said I will bring your order out!" I'm still using my manners and asked politely for my drink. She grabs a cup with an attitude the proceeds to say that the tea was not ready, of course with an attitude! I then asked her for a cup of water to drink until I got my food. She was highly upset and I could see if. I do not know if this is acceptable behavior or not. People such as the young lady that served me today just reinforced why I haven't frequented KFC in a while. I know customer service and what I received today was not it!

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