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Phone Number:1 (888) 324-6356

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  1. Mon. Open 24 hours
  2. Tue. Open 24 hours
  3. Wed. Open 24 hours
  4. Thu. Open 24 hours
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  6. Sat. Open 24 hours
  7. Sun. Open 24 hours

Reviews For Journey's Customer Service (3)

Terrible service

I waited on hold the first time 45 min than the second time 27 min. its ridiculous and never agin will i purchase another product from them !.

-by (Dec. 16, 2014)

osiris shoes

My oldest daughter ordered her 12yr old sister a pair of osiris shoes for Christmas. (she lives in a different state. When the shoes came they were too small, no fault of the company. Now trying to return them was a different story. Called 4 Journey Store in the surrounding areas from where we live, no one I spoke to knew what to do;not even a general manager. I went on line and found customer and returned them to manufacturer, it took a week to get there by ups. When I called customer service after I had been notified that they received them. I was told it would take 3 to 4 weeks just to process, that doesn't include shipping time. I understand things take a while, but really just to get a one half size larger. They couldn't even tell me if they had them or not. They need to change the customer service department name to we just don't care stop bothering me.

-by (Jan. 24, 2013)


I bought my daughter a pair of the grey Bailey Uggs and when she opened them they were both for the right foot and two different sizes. I understand mistakes happen so I drove an hour half back to the closest store to exchange them and they didnt have her size so we ordered them. When we got them today,6 days later, they were two different style boots. So I called customer service to explain my frustration. I was offered a return label, then return the boots, then they would ship new boots. SERIOUSLY??? I was a general manager for a multi million dollar company and if I seriously treated a customer like that after that kind of experience I would not have a job. I was offered a $10 gift card, seriously keep your gift card. I will not be shopping at Journeys ever again. I have spent alot of money at your store, but never again. $10 gift card for not checking the boots in the first place, then sending another wrong pair, not checkin again, and 3 weeks later my daughter still doesn't have her Christmas gift that she specifically asked for. Thanks Journeys for your great customer service....sarcasm!!!

-by (Jan. 4, 2013)