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Phone Number:1 (800) 742-5877

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Score 1.9
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Reviews For UPS Customer Service (8)

No one to talk to, incompetent

There is no one to contact about package. No way to get my package. I left instructions but they are to incompetent to understand. I will never deal with UPS EVER!

-by (Jan. 12, 2016)

driver errors

have camera's on building driver left note 1st time, never showed up 2nd time as stated in his delivery, third time just drove by and never got out of the truck......what a joke

-by (Sep. 11, 2015)

Very inconvenient

Very inconvenient!

-by (Aug. 12, 2015)

no sign of my order anywere

i had ordered a idem and have not retrieved it yet

-by (Apr. 8, 2015)

Wrong Address Again

Once again the UPS driver for our area cannot distinguish between addresses that end with "Drive" or "Circle." I receive deliveries for Circle so much I got tired of doing UPS's job, by taking the packages to the correct address. I attempted to contact UPS, to get them to retrieve the packages, which usually works, except for today. I contacted them yesterday morning and as of 5:00 this evening they have yet to retrieve the latest package. After calling UPS a second time I gave up and delivered it myself again. I will never ever use UPS, they're dumber than a box of rocks, not to mention lazy!

-by (Oct. 2, 2014)


My order was delivered to another address even though I had my specific address on label. I called ups customer service, was told that I needed to call the company that I ordered from. however, the message on tracking post said "Package left on outside porch." I told her that and the reply was "no, the post office would deliver." after 2 hours of frustration, I called ALL my neighbors and finally tracked my package. thank you very much UPS!

-by (Jul. 25, 2014)

Never delivered three of my packages

Ordered 2 items over a week before Christmas and one with 2 day air. Never got any of them. "beyond their control" they advised. I never had issues with UPS in the past. Wish there was a different option.

-by (Dec. 25, 2013)


Great on delivery always on time. Delivers your thing in good shape.

-by (Jun. 4, 2013)