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Phone Number:1 (800) 992-1997

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Score 2.3
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Reoccuring Issues

Having just spent 1000 dollars on a repair that has occurred twice since owning my 2007 Jeep, I called Jeep customer service to try and get some financial relief. Note that is repair is necessary as the vehicle loses power and has trouble shifting gears. First I did not expect anything out of Jeep, but then my expectations were raised when I was told that I would hear a decision with in 24 hours. After three and a half days, I was finally told that they Jeep will provide no assistance. That would be acceptable if the case manager (my case switched hands twice) actually understood the problem. I was informed that the same repair did not occur twice, but I have both invoices with the exact same part number. Jeep Customer Service is not well informed and there is a discrepancy between what the corporate office and different dealers refer to the exact same service. Over all the worst customer experience I have yet to have.

-by (Jan. 11, 2013)