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I have recently purchased new living room furniture from jcp. I had been a long time, loyal customer of jcp and very excited about this purchase. That said, it is extremely disappointing to say that this has been one of the worst experiences. I would never recommend to anyone buying furniture from here. The lack of knowledge and the unprofessional manner of the jcp customer service department is appalling. Not only did I have to reschedule delivery two times due to the incompetency of customer service reps not knowing delivery days, since the 3rd scheduled delivery day, my shipment is over two weeks late. I have had to contact jcp on the status of my order. Not ONE customer service representative has called me to update me on anything. I have spoken to numerous representatives, promising to call back and give status updates - not one has followed through. They have now just realized they have "lost" my furniture in shipment. Buyers beware - this is a decision you will regret.

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